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  1. jenn says:

    hi denise :) i so enjoyed reading your blog!! you are very funny, talented, and creative!

    i am a member of NJM and I have lived in MA since January 2007. Before moving to this crazy state…..we lived in Tampa Palms. I was a teacher in Tampa….my husband’s career moved us away from the Sunshine State, but Florida will always be our ‘home’.

    I saw that your sister’s name is Simone…..that is my maiden name, so we named our daughter Simone :) She will be two on August 10th. I just love that name and your sister and my daughter are just as beautiful as the name Simone sounds :)

    I hope you are enjoying your summer!

    Jenn Pfeifer- Middlesex Mammas AO/NJM member

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