A Mother’s Day Made to Order

With the lack of rain, it’s been really hot here lately and almost unbearable to do anything outside.  For Mother’s Day, I would have loved to have spent the day the beach, but I was afraid my DH would spontaneously combust make my day miserable again since he hates the heat.

I would have loved to have gone canoeing, but with swarming love bugs and the heat, I didn’t think anyone could tolerate that combination.

I love extravagant brunch buffets, but I didn’t want to deal with the Mother’s Day mob scene.

Theme parks are fun for Mother’s Day, but we’d have to deal with the whole sun and heat thing plus crowds.

So, what to do?

Of course, a pedicure was at the top of the list and I managed to sneak away for a spell to pamper my piggies.

But instead of a fancy Mother’s Day brunch buffet, I requested a sunset dinner at Hooters.  Can you blame a gal for loving their hot wings and ice cold beer?

So Saturday evening, we invited some friends to join us and had a great time hanging out and watching the sunset over the Cotee River.


 Hang Loose


For breakfast on Mother’s Day, I requested one of Allan’s fabulous veggie omelets, which are better than any concocted at some fancy buffet omelet station and served with his delicious home fries and a side of bacon.  Following breakfast, Allan whipped up warm, sticky homemade cinnamon rolls and cafe con leche.  It was a breakfast fit for a queen!

Allan and the girls gave me the best presents, too!



Allana even wrote another poem for me.


I have a friend.

Her name is mom.

If I’m afraid, she’ll sing me a song.

I love her and she loves me.

She’s the best there could be.

My mom

My mom

My mom and me.


And to finish Mom’s special day, we visited the new Ikea in Tampa.


So, we beat the heat but didn’t avoid the crowds.  No matter!  I loved it all!

I hope your day was all you wanted and more.


  1. dwyatt64 says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your little pumpkin’s poem. So sweet. (And may I say you looked like one hot momma in your fabo sundress in that IKEA pic…where did you get that??? I want one!)
    After a huge softball tournament, I ended up Mother’s Day at an all you can eat Golden Corral. Hubby owes me one.

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