This morning, I ran 3 miles.  Although I had to drag myself out of bed to run, once I got moving, I felt pretty good about my run. 


Isn’t funny how some days are good running days and other days you feel like you are dragging?  Some days you feel like a gazelle and other days you feel like a turtle and some days you’re just moving along.  But when you download your Garmin stats, there is no evidence of a struggle or any proof of a good pace or sometimes you’re just blown away that you managed to move faster than you thought. 


Well, today I felt fast and I’ve got the stats to prove it.  I incorporated ¼ sprints into today’s run and the results were comparable to my performances at the past few 5K races.

 3 miles

Time 27:17

Pace 9:05


After my sad performance last Saturday, today’s run helped boost my ego a bit.


  1. lindsay says:

    nice run d! glad you were feeling good during it too. it is extremely hard to press on when your mind is checked out and the legs are being disagreeable. an enjoyable run is needed!

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