Tons of Tiny Tannenbaums

While visiting Ashe County, N.C., my family and I were amazed by the number of Christmas tree farms cascading along the mountainside. Later, we learned that Ashe County is one of the nation’s top producers of Christmas Trees, particularly the Fraser Fur.


We couldn’t help loving these tiny tannenbaums!


treefarm1 Tons of Tiny Tannenbaums


treefarm2 Tons of Tiny Tannenbaums


 Tons of Tiny Tannenbaums

 Tons of Tiny Tannenbaums


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  1. Beth G says:

    When I first glanced at the pic it looked familiar. I grew up on a Christmas tree farm (from Indiana though) I remember when my dad planted a field like this and now it is huge because he stopped selling them 10 or more years ago. I miss that business..

  2. Kiki says:

    beautiful pictures. love all that snow. wish we would get some to play with. fingers crossed. we used to travel to NC to get our tree, but for the last two seasons we visited a lot that has trees from a farm up in NC. it’s a lot easier to trekking up to NC, but we might have to make a trip up to play in some snow. happy WW and take care.

  3. WeeShenanigans says:

    What a great thing to see in person. My son always asks where the trees come from but doesn’t believe a farm. So this year we planted some evergreen seeds to grow one and let him see it grow.

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