Pinning and Planning – April 29 (and giveaway)

What’s that quote about “the best-laid plans”?  That was me last week.  I was so excited about the Yelptucky Derby , attending my first Yelp event and having excuse to get all dressed up to wear a fancy hat.  Then my kids got sick.

Our parents have comprised immune systems so we can’t have them babysit when the kids are sick and run the risk of exposing them to whatever our kids caught.  Instead, I sadly hung up my fancy hat to play nursemaid.  Of course, that also meant the meals I planned had to be postponed as my kids only wanted toast and cuddles from mama.

Thankfully, everyone felt better by Saturday so Allana and I could attend her Girl Scout Troop’s Run 4 Respect and the Keel and Curley Blueberry Festival.  We picked berries and enjoyed some wine.  Stay tuned for photos and blueberry themed recipes!

M – Pasta Shells with Tomatoes and Mozzerella Cheese

T – Sautéed Tilapia with Lemon-Peppercorn Pan Sauce on Couscous with Roasted Asparagus

W – Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry

Th – Pulled BBQ Pork Sandwiches and Low Fat Classic Coleslaw

F – Pizza

What’s on your dinner menu plan this week?

And to help with menu planning, portion control and tracking it all, I’m giveaway a FitBit Zip, fitbook, a sleek red digital glass scale and a red and white polka dot reisenthel tote. Enter to below! Giveaway ends 5/6/13 at midnight EST.

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  1. Cristi Rae says:

    I’ve never owned a food scale– but I KNOW that I eat over-sized portions of most foods I make. That scale would really be useful in helping me monitor my calorie intake… And I do best with healthy eating & exercise when I write everything down and review it often; that Fitbook would really help me with that!!

  2. Genna says:

    this week dinner will consit of whatever is on the go and leftovers. I am patiently waiting for this and next week to be over as I know ill be out o the house 5:30-8:30 the earliest with trainngs for work and parent conference night!
    Glad the kiddies are feeling better, we missed you on friday,

  3. karen says:

    Great Giveaway and menu planning! I don’t have any kids yet so we pretty much eat whatever is easiest to make based on what time we get home. But when I do, this will definitely be a great idea to keep in mind!

  4. Tami Grandi says:

    I think this prize would help me stay fit because it would give me a place to write things down as well as the fitbit to keep me moving as an extra little motivator. The scale would be awesome (mine broke) and I know that I tend to eat portions that are too big if I don’t take the time to measure it.

  5. Cristi Rae says:

    My prize came in the mail yesterday, and I just wanted to drop in and say THANK YOU so much for all the goodies!! I can’t wait to try everything out!! =)

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