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I’m Sweet and Stylish

Did you know that I’m sweet and stylish?

Well, I am and I’ve got these awards to prove it!  Cathy thinks I’m sweet and that’s rich!  I’m more of a sweet outer layer covering a nutty center.

 Im Sweet and Stylish

But Becelisa thinks I’m stylish and I think I wear that one well too.

  Im Sweet and Stylish

By accepting these awards, I must state 7 lesser known facts about myself.

  1. I love pajamas days when I just stay in my pajamas all day.  I plan at least one a week.
  2. I don’t know what I want to be when I grown up.  In my life B.C. (before children), I taught elementary school, mostly third through fifth grade.  Sometimes I miss it, but then I think about lesson plans, grading papers, parent conferences, Sunshine State Standards and all the other political nonsense and stress involved with education these days and I don’t miss one bit.  I will happily change shitty diapers than deal with that bullshit.
  3. When I’m anxious or nervous or have a lot on my mind, I pick and bite my cuticles until they bleed.  It’s a really disgusting habit.
  4. I don’t like country music.
  5. I talk through movies, which annoys the piss out of my husband.  Over the years, I’ve learned to stay silent in the cinema and save all questions and observations until after the show.
  6. I laugh like a Pez dispenser. When I experience a good gut busting laugh, I tilt my head back and my mouth pops open with the loudest, most boisterous juiceful laugh you will ever hear.  Sometimes it’s followed up with a snort too.
  7. I often fit lines from movies, shows or pop culture references into every day conversation. I’m cool like dat. 

Now the conditions of these awards also state that I must pass them along to fellow bloggers.  So in no particular order, I present the “Sweet” award to 10 of my favorite sweeties…

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And the “Stylish” goes to 15 of my most trendy reads…

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Congratulations to all the sweet and stylish winners! icon smile Im Sweet and Stylish


An Honest Toot

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve received two amazing recognitions which I feel entitles me to toot my own horn.


First, Run DMT was featured as one of the Best Running Blogs in the Blogosphere by Broken Hearted Runner (@Jake Rosen).  With big ol’  preggo belly popping daily, my running or the more accurate term wogging (walking + jogging)  days are few and far between.  Unfortunately, that leaves little to write about it.  But yes, I am in deed still attempting to wog even though it’s getting harder and harder every day.  It’s just nice to know that others still appreciate the content here at Run DMT whether I’m blogging about my wogging or my family life.


Secondly, Alex of Ma, What’s 4 Dinner slapped me with the Honest Scrap Award.  Boy, if only she knew how appropriate this title is for me!  I am way too honest and scrappy for my own good and sometimes the honesty borders on the side of TMI.  But if this award refers to scrapbooking, then Lord help us because the only sort of embellishment I know is exaggerating which is a rare occurrence for an honest mama like me.


I stumbled upon Alex through SITS Saturday Sharefest which epitomizes the idea of blogging support.  Thanks to this comment fest every Saturday hosted by Secret in the Sauce (SITS) , Alex and I began regularly visiting each other’s blogs.  I just love her simple, tasty recipes for busy moms.


Now, according to the “rules” of this award, I must list ten honest things about myself.  Hmmmm….This could be a little tricky since I already listed 100 things about myself.  But here it goes nothing ten totally new things about me!


Picture 1 2 An Honest Toot


1.  In case you didn’t know, I’m pregnant with Run DMT Baby #3 and it’s a boy, our first boy.  We have a first named picked, but we’re still working on his middle name.  All will be revealed when little Run DMT #3 arrives this July.

2.  I have been craving sushi for months but I won’t chance eating any, not even a Mexican roll which isn’t even real sushi.

3.  I worry every day about all the weight I have gained this pregnancy (26 lbs so far) even though I know when I start really running hard again, it will all melt away again and hopefully not take two years to come off like it did with babies #1 and #2.

4.  I am not a crier, but my hormones have been RIDICULOUS throughout this pregnancy.  I cried when I accidentally shrunk my favorite maternity shorts last week.  (See #3 to understand my pain.)

5.  I turn the big 4-0 next year and I’m planning a couple’s trip to New Orleans to commemorate the milestone.

6.  I have been watching Parenthood and love it.  I find all the characters so endearing.  Every week, I laugh and cry which could be a result of #4.  I secretly wish they existed in real life so I could hang out with them and have a beer with them.

7.  I am a reformed pack rat.  The FlyLady saved my life.  Over the past few years, I have discovered decluttering to be so liberating.

8.  For my next marathon, I am considering running in the Space Coast Marathon in November 2011.

9.  I often make pop culture references and quote lines from TV shows and movies even though others may not get the reference.  I think I’m pretty dang funny.

10.  I honestly and truly love my life and every person who plays a role in it (my husband, my children, my extended family, my friends, etc.).  I feel so blessed.


And now I must pass this award along to ten others.


1.  Following in My Own Shoes

2.  N*aked on the Roof

3.  My Chaos, My Bliss

4.  Mommy Drinks Because You Cry

5.  Luke, I am Your Father

6.  Live and Love…Out Loud

7.  Really, Are You Serious?

8.  Buckeroo Mama

9.  Little Writer Momma

10.  Momisodes


Proudly submitted at

TT button An Honest Toot

The Circle of Friends Award

In almost two years in the blogosphere, I have connected with some amazing people and I happily call these bloggie buddies my friends.  Like any “real life” friend, they celebrate my successes, share my joys and offer (((HUGS))) when I’m feeling sad.


One bloggie buddy, Shakira of You are Never Alone, shares my sentiment about her blogosphere friends and showed her gratitude by passing along The Circle of Friends Award to me last week.


circleoffriendsaward th The Circle of Friends Award


I was so touched by her sweet gesture!  I graciously accept this award and solemnly swear to adhere to its “rules”. icon smile The Circle of Friends Award


By accepting this accept this award, I must list 5 things that make me happy (Just 5?! I’ll try to narrow my happy list. lol) and try to do at least one of these each day.

  1. Running
  2. Playing with my children
  3. Blogging
  4. Date night with my hubby
  5. Hanging out with my friends


Also according to the rules, I must list 5 bloggers who brighten my day and link back to the fabulous friend who gave the award to me, the very sweet Shakira.

  1. Kimert of Diaries of a Coach’s Wife
  2. Felicia of Go, Graham Go!
  3. SunnyMama of Sunny Today Mama
  4. Tara of Feels Like Home
  5. Mariana of Riding with No Hands


Thanks for being such a great Circle of Friends, ladies! icon smile The Circle of Friends Award
denise 40 gawsimplecooltext1 The Circle of Friends Award

Mrs. Zee Likes Me

And I’ve got an award to prove it! 


bestblog award Mrs. Zee Likes Me


A few weeks back, the marvelous Mrs. Zee bestowed onto me the Best Blog Award which made my day, but the kind words in her e-mail made it even better.


In case you didn’t already know how fabulous you are, now you have an award to prove it: Best Blog Award!  This is just my way of saying thanks for making the blog-o-sphere a darned great place to be!


Now, it’s my turn to bring a smile to some of my favorite bloggers’ faces.  The conditions of the Best Blog Award state that I must pass this award along to 15 bloggers, so without further ado, (in no particular order) here are my favorite fifteen:


Sippycups and Fingerprints

Muthering Heights

Chasing the Kenyans

Discom-bob-ulated Running

Chloe is Running with a Bottle

Running Betty

Good Mourning, Glory!

Following in My Shoes

Secret Mom Thoughts

Run Buggy


Momma’s Gone Over the Wall

A Nut in a Nutshell

N*ked on the Roof


Feeling the Love!

I have just received my first blogga bling from the always marvelous Jennifer of Happily- Ever-After-Land

How fitting is my first award?

Award 200px Feeling the Love!

Thanks to Jennifer, I am truly feeling the love in the blogosphere and now I must spread the love by sharing my Kick A$$ Award with 5 other booty busting bloggers.

Mountain {Air} Flair

The Hungry Housewife

Looking Towards {Heaven}

Keeping It Real

Daily Dose of Toni

And as though it couldn’t get any better, my blog was spotlighted on!  Does this make me an official momma blogga now?  I am gushing with pride! Thank you! Mwah to everyone from moi! :-)


Let’s celebrating with some dancing…



and a drink or two.  Who wants a Hurricane? Feeling the Love!


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