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Pump It

 Pump ItWith the exception of the cold front that rolled in over the weekend, temperatures are on the rise which means my miles will be tapering down.  As for races, I have a few more 5Ks and then one last longer distance (5 Miles for Moffitt) until the cooler weather returns this fall.

Since summer weather brings shorter distance races and triathlons, over the next few months I’ll be focusing on lots of cross-training (swimming, biking and strength training exercises) and speed work.

Yeah, it’s time to pump it.



On the subject of speed work, Ricole Runs and Run DMT will be hosting a new linky party every Tuesday called Track Tuesday.  We’re hoping a weekly blog hop and little peer pressure will keep us motivated to do weekly sprints.  I definitely need to focus on speed and I could use some virtual running partners encouraging me to stay focused.  If you’re a runner, I hope you join us tomorrow for Track Tuesday.

 Pump It

And there’s one more thing for me to be pumped about!  The lottery for the NYC Marathon will happen this Wednesday at noon and I will be watching the tweets and the live streaming selection process with bated breath.  You can watch it live too at

God, I hope I make it.  I’ve got my fingers, toes and laces crossed that I make it this year.  Wish me luck and link up and share what music is moving you this week.

 Pump It


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Don’t Stop the Music and the Party

rundmt musicmondayparty1 Dont Stop the Music and the PartyTwo years ago when I injured myself after a bad bike crash, I needed something to keep my mind off the pain and to keep my blog active even though I wasn’t. I wrote a Music Monday post and linked up at Diane of Mourning Glory’s Music Monday blog hop.

I discovered incorporating music into a blog post was a wonderful way to express myself.  It became another meaningful way to share my thoughts and a means to share my story.

During Diane’s Music Monday blog hop, I also discovered some really great bloggers as well as great music.  What started as a means to fill empty space on my blog became a way to fill my MP3 player.  By visiting all the Music Monday participants, I found tons of music that truly moved me and helped push me through the miles as I ran.

Wanting to continue my quest to find music to move through the miles and because I loved the Music Monday blog hop concept so much, I decided to jump in and host one too.

For a year now, I’ve been hosting Music Monday.  It’s been a great experience once again discovering new-to-me bloggers and reconnecting through music with some of already favorite bloggers.  Of course, with each passing Music Monday, you’re all now my favorite bloggers!

For the past year, I’ve enjoyed listening to your stories.  I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to mine.  So please don’t stop sharing your songs.  Please don’t stop the music!


Please know that I am so grateful for all the Music Monday participants each week and every comment shared.  So let’s keep Run DMT’s Music Monday going strong for another year.  Keep linking up and sharing your songs with me each week.  Don’t stop the party!



And to keep the party going strong and to show my gratitude, one lucky Music Monday participant will win a $15 iTunes card.  So link up and play along for you chance to win!

Thank you for all your love and support!denise 40 gawsimplecooltext1 Dont Stop the Music and the Party

 Dont Stop the Music and the Party


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Let’s Get It Started!

 Lets Get It Started!Last week for Music Monday, I asked everyone to share a song that represents what you anticipate 2011 to bring.  If 2011 had a theme song, what would yours be?


Mine would sound something like this…


Runnin’ runnin’, and runnin’ runnin’, and runnin’ runnin’, and runnin’ runnin’, and running and running and running and ruinning…


With my commitment to the Janathon and refusing to be fat being fit at 40, there’s going to be a whole lot of running in my future.  Honestly, I am excited about turning because I don’t feel 40, but that could be that I’ve been 29 for 10 years now.


But mostly, I’m really looking forward to being a mom on the run again and bringing sexy back. After months of poor eating habits and an ass that looks like Christmas pudding, I’ve got my work cut out for me. This path to being fit at 40 is a really long ass road that’s been paved with chocolate bars and beer bottles.  But like any other road, it takes one step at a time to get through it.  And on that note…


Let’s get it started in here!




 Lets Get It Started!


Visit AmandaXmas Dolly and Hairbows & Guitar Picks for more Music Monday fun.

Musical Monday: My Humps

On Saturday, I ran the Gasparilla Distance Classic 5K at nineteen weeks pregnant. Before the race, I didn’t get many pats on the backs by fellow female athletes and I certainly didn’t get many sympathy points while I waited in line for the ladies room. Either other women couldn’t tell I was pregnant (which is a first EVER for me nearly 5 months pregnant) or they felt if I could run a 5K in my condition, then surely my bladder is another well trained muscle.


Despite the horrible rainy, cold weather, my huge humps and bouncy baby bump, I did really well and met my under 40 minute goal, but come back tomorrow for a full race report. While you wait in anticipation, let me get you love drunk thinking about my humps.




musicalmonday Musical Monday: My Humps


Music Monday09 Graphic 1 Musical Monday: My Humps

Musical Monday: I Gotta Feeling

musicalmonday Musical Monday: I Gotta Feeling

Our Musical Monday host, Diane of Good Mourning Glory, is celebrating one year of toe-tapping, disco dancing, hip-hopping, rapping, old-schooling, flashbacking, guitar strumming, headbanging, moshpitting, country twanging, standards swaying, slamdancing fun. 


For this big bloggie occasion, Diane is hosting an iTunes/Amazon music giveaway to commemorate a year with this musical meme.


I joined for the first time last July, but since then, I keep coming back each week for more.  With that first Pussycat Dolls post, I connected with some really cool bloggers and was introduced to music outside of my typical tunes.


So alongside Diane today, I celebrate Musical Monday and all the bloggie buddies I’ve made over the past few months since I joined the fun.


I gotta feeling it’s gonna be another great year.



Musical Monday: Groovin’ with G-Force

musicalmonday Musical Monday: Groovin with G ForceAllan and I took the girls to see G-Force on Friday night.  Follow my advice and wait for this movie to be released on DVD because all the best parts are in the trailers.  You may find this hard to believe given that the storyline revolves around genetically altered guinea pigs, but the plot is really stupid.  Shocking!  I know.  But at least the kids enjoyed the movie and I enjoyed the music.






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