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Pinning and Planning – Week of April 13 Dinner Menu

PinningPlanning RunDMT Pinning and Planning   Week of April 13 Dinner MenuI need to do things a little differently for this week’s Pinning and Planning feature. Firstly, tomorrow I will be participating #SundaySupper’s Stuff, Wrap and Roll Recipe Lineup.  For my big #SundaySupper premiere, I’m showing off my Scotch Eggs with Sriracha Dipping Sauce.  I am so excited to finally be able to participate along side the most outstanding foodie bloggers that make the Super Supper Movement team.

With my #SundaySupper going live tomorrow morning, I needed to have my Pinning and Planning feature posted before the #SundaySupper post. Not a big deal, it’s just more a scheduling thing.

On Monday morning, Students across the state of Florida face the dreaded FCAT. With the stress of the test, students are recommended to get plenty of sleep and eat good a breakfast to be on their best game for the test.  Therefore, Iron chef Allan and I thought we would add our breakfast menu to my Pinning and Planning feature this week so my readers can see what my kids will be eating each test day morning.

Sleep is essential and fueling your body right is critical whether you’re an athlete or test-taking student. Just like long distance runners, test-taking students have to prepare their bodies for the long haul of assessment tests. It’s so critical for kids to eat the right foods to boost their brain power.

As a mom of three, I always notice a huge difference in my kids when they eat a well-balanced breakfast with a bit of protein, fruit and carbs. For that reason, I want to make sure they have enough of vitamin rich foods on their plates before the most important test of their little lifetimes.  Since eggs are high in protein, contain several essential amino acids and rich in Vitamin B2 (for energy),Vitamin B12, Vitamin A (good for eyes), eggs are truly the best test-taking fuel.

I will also be making smoothies this week with a tablespoon of chia seeds.  If your kids refuse to eat meat like my little 8 year old vegetarian, sneak a few chia seeds into their foods. Believe it or not, these tiny little chia seeds are full of fiber, rich in Omega-3 and pack full of protein and because they are so tiny, my kids mistake them for strawberry seeds in their smoothies.  And yes, they are the very same CHA-CHA-CHIA from the grass growing pets from the 80s.

Chia Seeds pin Pinning and Planning   Week of April 13 Dinner Menu

Chia seeds are wonderful, but they do tend to run wonderfully pricy. For more bang for your buck, buy chia seeds in bulk at your local health food store, like Whole Foods Market. I actually found an organic 20 oz bag of chia seeds at TJ Maxx for under $8.00. If you want to fuel right without breaking the bank, watch for deals like that near you.

Tomorrow morning, I will be running the Iron Girl Half Marathon and then the family and I will head down to the Taste of South Tampa.  The vendor line up looks AMAZING and I cannot wait to try everything.  After that, we’ll head home to mentally and physically prepare for a week of test-taking.

Good luck to all Florida students taking FCAT this week!  Here’s our protein-rich breakfast and dinner menu for the week.

Sunday – Taste of South Tampa

Meatless Monday



  • Breakfast- Berry, Banana and Mango Smoothie (made with Greek yogurt and chia seeds) and a toasted bagel
  • Dinner – Veggie Omelets with sautéed potatoes


  • Breakfast – Poached Egg English Muffin Sandwiches with a side of fresh fruit
  • Dinner – Leg of Lamb with Red Potatoes and a Mixed Greens Salad

Good Friday (No School ) – Celebrate FCAT with a Easter Tea

Saturday – Leftover Lamb Curry

Easter Sunday Brunch

What’s on your breakfast and dinner menu this week?   What do you like to feed your kids for breakfast before a big test? What are your plans for Passover and Easter?

Portobello Burgers

HorrorFFF Portobello BurgersI’ve been failing on my Friday Food Fight posts because it’s been a while since I shared a recipe. I wish I had something green to share for St. Patrick’s Day, but I’m not that lucky.

If you’ve followed my blog for some time, then you know I’ve been sharing weekly dinner menus every Sunday in my Pinning and Planning feature. Well, almost every Sunday because I didn’t share one last week. I seem to be a bit of a slacker mother runner blogger these days. Don’t judge.

Anyway, in my almost weekly Sunday Pinning and Planning feature, I share our menu for the week which always includes a Meatless Monday dish. As much as I would love to be vegetarian again, I crave meat too often to give up meat completely. By committing to at least one day a week (Monday) to go meatless, I can strive towards a vegetarian lifestyle again. Until I crave some Buffalo chicken wings after a triathlon.

Speaking of cravings, my oldest daughter has been craving mushrooms which may be a sign of a lack of potassium, iron, selenium or Vitamin D. So to appease her mushroom-mineral-vitamin deficiencies, I served some Portobello Burgers.  The thick, chewy texture of the portobello mushroom fools my family’s brains into think they are eating meat. It’s very bizarre. Sometimes I’ll serve these Portobello Burgers without a bun but over a bed of mashed cauliflower instead, which really pulls one over on my brain! Bun or no bun, this Portobello Burger is so filling and delicious and will satisfy the most carnivorous meateaters in your house. Bring some portobello mushrooms to your next potluck cook-out for a meatless grilled option.

 Portobello Burgers

To prepare the portobellos, I start by brushing a grill pan with olive oil.  Then, I lightly drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar over the caps. I season the mushrooms with some sea salt, fresh ground pepper and a pinch of thyme. After lightly seasoning the caps, I roast them in the oven for about 20 minutes and that’s it. A rich, healthy meatless dish that is so simple and tasty! They even look meaty!

 Portobello Burgers

Since I bought Publix Greenwise organic portobello mushrooms to create this meal, I suppose that means I did offer something green for St. Patrick’s Day.  A vegetarian meal option for St. Patrick’s Day? Now that’s lucky! For a Meatless Monday meal for this coming St. Patrick’s Day, serve these Portobello Burgers with a side of vegan roasted cabbage and a helping of red potatoes for a vegetarian option.

 Portobello Burgers

Portobello Burgers

Recipe type: Easy
Cuisine: Vegetarian, Vegan
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 4-6
A rich, healthy meatless dish that is so simple and tasty!
  • 4-6 large portobello mushrooms
  • Olive oil
  • Aged balsamic vinegar
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Thyme (optional)
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Prepare a baking sheet or a grill pan by brushing the pan with olive oil.
  2. Rinse and remove any dirt from the mushrooms; gently pat dry and remove the stems. Place the mushrooms on the grill plan cap side down (ridges up) and drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Add salt and pepper to taste and a pinch of thyme.
  3. Place in oven and roast for about 10 minutes. Then, flip mushrooms and roast for another 10 minutes. Portobello mushrooms will reduce in size.
  4. Serve on a roll with your favorite toppings.


Healthy Blueberry Yogurt Parfait with Maple Syrup Blueberry Sauce

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received compensation from the US Highbush Blueberry Council and the Mom It Forward Blogger Network for my participation in this campaign. The recipe and opinions shared are my own.

Blueberry season is fast approaching here in Florida and my kids will be so excited to fill their buckets with these round little blue gems once again.IMG 2149 1024x682 Healthy Blueberry Yogurt Parfait with Maple Syrup Blueberry Sauce

IMG 2133 682x1024 Healthy Blueberry Yogurt Parfait with Maple Syrup Blueberry Sauce

IMG 2095 682x1024 Healthy Blueberry Yogurt Parfait with Maple Syrup Blueberry Sauce

When it’s not blueberry picking season, we can still find plenty of well stocked blueberry pints at our local supermarket.  From scones to smoothies to pancakes, we will have our fill of blueberries.  Seeing the deep indigo color of blueberries leaves me feeling happy and definitely not blue.

Not to mention, the health benefits of blueberries are nothing to sneeze at!  One cup of blueberries is only 80 calories per cup and a great source of dietary fiber, which helps with heart health and helps your keep cholesterol in check.

Blueberries are also rich in antioxidants and provide anti-inflammatory properties which help decrease cardiovascular disease, cancer and age-related cognitive decline.  With Vitamin C to build a healthy immune system and manganese for bone development, these berries pack a lot punch that does the body good!

Blueberries LittleChanges 1024x840 Healthy Blueberry Yogurt Parfait with Maple Syrup Blueberry Sauce

The US Highbush Blueberry Council recommends playing around with new flavor combinations and different forms of blueberries and even offers a few serving suggestions.

Rejeuvenate your cocktails – Try blueberry puree in margaritas, toss fresh blueberries in a minty mojito or make a stiff blutini!

  • Why wait for dessert? Pair blueberries with something savory like cheesesquash or pizza – their sweet-tart taste will coax out the other flavors in your dish.
  • Freezer meals go upscale - Use frozen blueberries to make a tangy sauce for fish or meat.
  • Try ‘em dried - Many supermarkets and natural food stores now sell a variety of dried blueberries. Pop them on a green salad, toss them with couscous or try them in stuffing.

IMG 4171 1024x682 Healthy Blueberry Yogurt Parfait with Maple Syrup Blueberry Sauce

For the puropse of this post, I developed a Healthy Blueberry Yogurt Parfait made with plain Greek and maple syrup (both which also offer healing, rebuilding and repairing properties).

IMG 4160 1024x730 Healthy Blueberry Yogurt Parfait with Maple Syrup Blueberry Sauce

BlueberryParfait pin 748x1024 Healthy Blueberry Yogurt Parfait with Maple Syrup Blueberry Sauce

Blueberry Maple Sauce
5.0 from 1 reviews


Recipe type: Easy
Cuisine: Breakfast or Dessert
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 4-6
Simple, healthy blueberry sauce that goes great with yogurt or over pancakes.
  • 1 pint of fresh blueberries
  • Juice of one half lemon (about a Tbsp)
  • 3 Tbsp maple syrup
  1. Using a sieve, rinse and drain blueberries.
  2. Combine ingredients in a food processor (or blender) and pulse a few times until thoroughly chopped and blended, but hot pureed. Some texture is good.
  3. Pour in a bowl and cover with cling film or pour into an air-tight container. Set aside in fridge until ready to serve. Sauce will keep up to three days. The longer it sits, the more congealed the berry sauce will become.

 IMG 41921 1024x710 Healthy Blueberry Yogurt Parfait with Maple Syrup Blueberry Sauce

Healthy Blueberry Yogurt Parfait
5.0 from 1 reviews


Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 4-6
This healthy layered yogurt with a simple blueberry maple syrup sauce makes a fun brunch item or dessert.
  • 2 cups plain non-fat Greek yogurt
  • ¼ maple syrup
  • Blueberry sauce
  1. Add maple syrup and Greek yogurt; mix until well combined.
  2. Using a martini glass or a champagne flute, add a small amount of blueberry sauce (about two teaspoons) to the bottom of glass. Add a larger amount of maple yogurt (about two Tbsp) onto on blueberry sauce. Add another drop of blueberry sauce to form three layers of yogurt parfait.

For additional recipes and other blueberry inspirations, visit the US Highbush Blueberry Council’s recipe page and follow the Pinterest board.  Like “Little Blue Dynamos” on Facebook and follow Blueberry411 on Twitter for more blueberry pinspirations and to learn how blueberries #LittleChanges in your life.

The US Highbush Blueberry Council wants you to make #LittleChanges in your diet by making blueberries part of your meals.  One lucky run DMT reader will win a $75 Gift Card to purchase a three month’s supply of blueberries to fill your bowls with blueberries!

To enter, leave a comment below and follow the Rafflecopter widget directions for additional entries.

How do you enjoy eating blueberries best? What recipes do you plan to create with blueberries?

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I Want A Maid (And You Do Too!) – Housecleaning Review & Giveaway

Disclosure: I received a six hour cleaning service in exchange for my review.  The opinions shared are my own.

For the past twelve years, I have been a SAHM. I left my career to raise my children and tend to household chores.  The idea of a housekeeper always appealed to me but it seemed like a luxury item when I had no income to support that added expense.

However, when I started blogging full time and growing a business, I had less time to tend to the housework.  With trying to juggle my life as a mother blogger on the run, my house became more and more neglected.

As business grew, the laundry and dust bunnies grew.  My floors were sticky.  Our two and a half bathrooms began growing science experiments. The household chores would pile up and I couldn’t figure out how to get it under-control or how to tackle it all.  Things were beyond the FlyLady or chore charts for my kids.

My family needed an intervention and FAST!  After all, my husband hired someone to take care of our lawn. It only seemed fair to find some to help with cleaning the house since we were both working now.

Then as if someone heard my cry for help, a cleaning service reached out to me and offered a four hour housecleaning in exchange for a review (valued at $50 an hour).  Basically, she “maid” me an offer I couldn’t refuse and I swept up that opportunity.

The cleaning began with a quick tour of my home.  For this first visit, Christina IWantaMaid owner, assessed the rooms and targeted my specific needs, which was the dust and mildew in my shower.  I barely have enough time to maintain a level of tidiness and with my allergies, I simply can’t dust or handle mildew at all.

The two person team divided and conquered my bi-level home.  As they cleaned, I hid away in our office, the only room not being cleaned, to avoid the dust in the air. My sinuses couldn’t take it.

One housekeeper cleaned the master bathroom shower (the most tedious and most serious troublesome spot in the house), while the other dusted and wiped all the surfaces in my home.

 I Want A Maid (And You Do Too!)   Housecleaning Review & Giveaway

To clean the entire house, they used the same earth-friendly solution, a mixture of water, vinegar (the ultimate cure all), baking soda and essential oils and a steam mop. I loved that that used the very same cleaning agents that I use!

They cleaned each room (our four bedrooms, living room, dining room, family room and kitchen) from the skirting board to the ceiling fans and even tackled the dust bunnies behind the couch and entertainment unit!  Christina even cleaned, tidied and organized my laundry room which was a lovely surprise.

This first cleaning was only supposed to take four hours, but given the filthy state of my home, the process took nearly six hours.  And the results were incredible!  I loved that they removed my hard water stains from my shower glass doors.

Shower I Want A Maid (And You Do Too!)   Housecleaning Review & Giveaway

 I Want A Maid (And You Do Too!)   Housecleaning Review & Giveaway

Even my kids were impressed!

“I’ve never seen our house so clean! It’s so shiny!” Eight year old Emmalynn exclaimed.

“My room is so tidy and organized! Will they come back and when?! Twelve year old Allana asked.

The housekeepers were definitely a hit!  And just like my kids, I hope they can come back again.  Next time, we’ll be better prepared with a few tips from

IwantaMaid tips 1024x1024 I Want A Maid (And You Do Too!)   Housecleaning Review & Giveaway

IWantAMaid serves the greater Tampa Bay area and wants one Run DMT reader to experience this phenomenal, earth-friendly cleaning service.  One lucky Run DMT fan will win a TWO-HOUR cleaning service from  To enter, leave a comment below and follow the Rafflecopter directions for additional entries.

What are the troublesome spots in your home?

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Pinterest Inspired Valentine’s Day Cards

I *heart* Pinterest.

Who doesn’t? Am I right?

I’ve been pinning all sorts of Valentine’s Day ideas since I first joined Pinterest. You may remember the Valentine’s Day cards my kids and I made a couple of years ago.

I pin fun holiday ideas all year round.  You do too, don’t you?  Pinterest puts new meaning to “Christmas is July”.

I had my eye on this crafty car Valentine for my little guy for a while.  I knew it was the perfect Valentine for my little car enthusiast’s preschool classmates.  To recreate it, I purchased a pack of cars and 40 count small heart treat bags at our local dollar store.  I designed the card on PicMonkey and assembled it to look like this.  The text reads, “Valentine, You make my heart race.”

IMAG4299 Pinterest Inspired Valentines Day Cards

When I showed Emmalynn the assortment of Pinterest-inspired Valentine’s Day cards, she loved the s’mores craft.

IMAG4322 Pinterest Inspired Valentines Day Cards

To recreate this Valentine, I used the same loot bags as above and purchased s’mores making items at our local supermarket.  With very thoroughly washed hands, Emmalynn assembled little s’mores kits for her classmates which included two graham cracker squares, individual Fun Size Hershey’s and pink one large marshmallow.  Again, I designed the card on PicMonkey and affixed it to the little bag with Scotch tape. The text reads, “Valentine, I need s’more friends like you.”

IMAG4321 Pinterest Inspired Valentines Day Cards

Since Allana is my moustache lover, she loved the “I moustache you a question” Valentine’s Day Card for her middle school friends.  We used her Christmas portrait, added some text and a moustache on PicMoney, because she felt it was necessary to add a handlebar moustache to her own face.  Then, we uploaded the cards to Wal-Mart’s photo center to print them.

AllanaValetine2014 Pinterest Inspired Valentines Day Cards

We found some fun fuzzy facial hair at the dollar store which Allana affixed over the word mustache.  She like the idea of hiding the word “moustache” under the actual moustache.

IMAG4320 Pinterest Inspired Valentines Day Cards

I love PicMonkey for creating fun things like this as well as fun graphics for blogging and photo editing too.  Right now, PicMonkey is offering my friends (We’re friends, right?) one day of free PicMonkey Royale (their cool upgrade option).  So give PicMonkey a go!

PicMonkey is normally free, but with my special link, you can play like a Royale and test out all the cool fonts, designs and photo editing options that aren’t normally free.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Run DMT!

Our 2013 Christmas Portraits

I know what you’re thinking.  “It’s a bit late to be sharing Christmas photos.”

So it is!  But I’ll let you in on a little secret.

My tree is still up. Oh the horror!

How’s that for being a bit behind on things?

5Christmas2013 1024x832 Our 2013 Christmas Portraits

To save money this year, I decided not to hire a family photographer, but to try my own hand at our family Christmas portraits.  With the historic and beautiful Downtown Dunedin as our backdrop, I positioned my DSLR camera on a tripod and set the timer for 10 seconds, just enough time for me to run back, pop into the picture and fix my fly-away hair.

3Christmas2013 780x1024 Our 2013 Christmas Portraits

For the very first tripod attempt, my son demonstrated a bit of enthusiasm for the flashing light on the self-timer, but we had no idea about his facial expression until after the photos were downloaded.

Christmas2013 1024x752 Our 2013 Christmas Portraits

Of course, that was the one for the cover of our Shutterfly card.

ShutteryChristmasCard2013 Our 2013 Christmas Portraits

I was really pleased with how my children behaved (because I bribed them with Strachan’s ice cream) and how well my photos turned out.

6Christmas2013 682x1024 Our 2013 Christmas Portraits

Liam Emmalynn2013 682x1024 Our 2013 Christmas Portraits

Allana2013 1024x682 Our 2013 Christmas Portraits

2Emmalynn2013 682x1024 Our 2013 Christmas Portraits

Liam2013 682x1024 Our 2013 Christmas Portraits
Emmalynn2013 1024x682 Our 2013 Christmas Portraits

2Allana2013 682x1024 Our 2013 Christmas Portraits

2Christmas2013 682x1024 Our 2013 Christmas Portraits

Finding Serenity at Serendipity Salon & Spa

Disclaimer: I attended an evening of pampering hosted by Serendipity Salon & SpaMy Stylist Dean and the Tampa Bay Bloggers. I received a $25 gift certificate as compensation in exchange for my honest review and giveaway.  The opinions share are my own.

I love my Dean.

 Finding Serenity at Serendipity Salon & Spa

Actually, that should read, “I love My Stylist Dean”.

Dean has been running his fingers through my hair and styling my mane for years.  But it’s not all been a bed of roses.  I strayed and cheated on him once.  I had to do the walk of shame with my bad Pat Benatar hair cut.  I crawled back to him, asked for forgiveness and begged him to fix my sad, badly damaged hair.  Since then, I’ve never strayed again.  Although as penance, it’s taken months to grow out my poor chop job.

From that horrible, humbling hair experience, I learned two things.

1) Never, ever, ever cheat on your stylist.  He or she will sneer at your over their sheers.

2) Your friends will lie in an attempt to make you feel better about your bad hair, however, you will know the truth in your heart and your hairstylist will reaffirm it and remind you repeatedly.

This whole lesson could have been avoided had I been warned.  So this is me warning you.  If you love your stylist, never visit another stylist unless your stylist moves away, joins a covenant or decides to join the Peace Corps.

But in reality, hair stylists do move around as do their clients.  Therefore, if you are in the market for a new stylist, then you need to visit My Stylist Dean at Serendipity Salon & Spa.

spa%2520group%2520shot Finding Serenity at Serendipity Salon & Spa

Dean and the other stylists and technicians at Serendipity Salon & Spa invited the Tampa Bay Bloggers to experience some pampering before the holidays.  That evening, our bloggers received such services as chemical peels, eyebrow waxing, haircuts and styling.

 Finding Serenity at Serendipity Salon & Spa

Since I had only recently seen Dean, I opted for a blowout and a bit of tinsel in my hair for some festive glitz.  The other bloggers went all in and the results were beautiful!

 Finding Serenity at Serendipity Salon & Spa

Debbie of the Tampa Bay Moms Blog wanted a whole new look.  Her stylist trimmed her dead-ends and softened her look with some wisps.  The new layers in the back added dimension and texture to Debbie’s hair.  Although she always looks amazing, she looked stunning after her moment in the chair.

 Finding Serenity at Serendipity Salon & Spa

 Finding Serenity at Serendipity Salon & Spa

Running Betty’s daughter, Alice, jumped at the chance for a new style.  Dean trimmed the length and then used a a flatiron to create ribbon curls for a softer look.

 Finding Serenity at Serendipity Salon & Spa

 Finding Serenity at Serendipity Salon & Spa

 Finding Serenity at Serendipity Salon & Spa

My Stylist Dean and the stylists at Serendipity Salon & Spa want you to feel like a new person this holiday.  Find some time for you in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the season.  One lucky winner will win a $25 gift certificate for any services at Serendipity Salon & Spa.

To enter, visit Serendipity Salon & Spa and view all the services available.  Then, leave a comment below stating what service you would love to receive.

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New Holiday Card Collections and Photo Gifts from Shutterfly {Giveaway}

Disclaimer:  I received product compensation from Shutterfly and Resourceful Mommy Media in exchange for my honest review and a giveaway.  The opinions shared are my own.

It’s that time of year when my Facebook newsfeed streams with friends Christmas portraits.  The perfect pose and the perfect color combination with beautiful smiles to bring holiday cheer to friends and family.

When crafting those family portraits, we spend hours finding the right color coordinated ensemble to produce perfectly colorful and gorgeous pictures.  I pray my children and husband refrain from fussing and smiling cheesy grimacing grins.  After all, all we need is one photo for our holiday card and photo gifts.

Easter2013 Taylors 640x1024 New Holiday Card Collections and Photo Gifts from Shutterfly {Giveaway}

Although the portraits may be stressful and hard work to product, shopping for holiday cards with Shutterfly will put the merry back in Christmas. 
Shutterfly takes the grimace and hard work out of holiday cards and photo gifts.  All you need to do is upload your smiles.

Shutterfly Holiday Cards New Holiday Card Collections and Photo Gifts from Shutterfly {Giveaway}

For the 2013 holiday season, Shutterfly offers new card design styles such as a 5×7 folded tri fold & back of card designs.

TRIFOLDCARD 5X7 SharetheMemories New Holiday Card Collections and Photo Gifts from Shutterfly {Giveaway}

TRIFOLDCARD 5X7 OhWhatFun New Holiday Card Collections and Photo Gifts from Shutterfly {Giveaway}

Shutterfly also offers Classic cards with traditional colors, iconic illustrations, inspirational sentiments, snowflakes and monogram.

Classic New Holiday Card Collections and Photo Gifts from Shutterfly {Giveaway}

If you prefer more contemporary cards, Shutterfly provides fun trend forward colors with texture and layering and the use water color techniques, shine and glitter. With several fun collages cards to choose from, Instagram pictures are perfect for this style.

PHOTOCARD Instagram New Holiday Card Collections and Photo Gifts from Shutterfly {Giveaway}

PHOTOCARD Instagram2 New Holiday Card Collections and Photo Gifts from Shutterfly {Giveaway}

There are so many beautiful styles of Shutterfly cards to choose.  In the Whimsy category, you can select cards where humor and nostalgia meet for fun holiday sentiments.

Whimsy3 New Holiday Card Collections and Photo Gifts from Shutterfly {Giveaway}

Whimsy2 New Holiday Card Collections and Photo Gifts from Shutterfly {Giveaway}

Whimsy1 New Holiday Card Collections and Photo Gifts from Shutterfly {Giveaway}

Merry and Bright cards showcase color and having fun.

MerryandBright New Holiday Card Collections and Photo Gifts from Shutterfly {Giveaway}

MerryandBright2 New Holiday Card Collections and Photo Gifts from Shutterfly {Giveaway}

For more faith filled sentiments, choose Religious cards with metallic type treatments.

Religous2 New Holiday Card Collections and Photo Gifts from Shutterfly {Giveaway}

Religous1 New Holiday Card Collections and Photo Gifts from Shutterfly {Giveaway}

And as in previous years, Shutterfly offers a variety of Photo Basics to from such multiple colors, vertical type, family name highlights.

Photo gifts make perfect presents for family members.

Shutterfly Photo Gifts New Holiday Card Collections and Photo Gifts from Shutterfly {Giveaway}

Instead of a photo album, give personalized pillow or phone case for the iPhone or Galaxy user.  Shop Shutterfly for your <holiday cards and photo gifts this season.

IPHONECASE2 New Holiday Card Collections and Photo Gifts from Shutterfly {Giveaway}

Shutterfly PILLOW New Holiday Card Collections and Photo Gifts from Shutterfly {Giveaway}One lucky Run DMT reader will win an exclusive $50 off total order (plus free shipping) code from Shutterfly. Giveaway ends by 11/26.

To enter, visit Shutterfly Holiday Cards and comment below with the name of your favorite card design.

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Alpha-Bits Cornucopia

Disclaimer: I received Alpha-Bits cereal, promotional material and compensation to create a fun fall snack as part of a Mom It Forward Blogger Network campaign.  The opinions and snack craft shared are my own.

 Alpha Bits CornucopiaMy three year loves letters and he is fascinated with how letters make words.  Thanks to wholesome foods like Alpha-Bits cereal, reading can be fun and tasty.  Alpha-Bits cereal is the perfect size for little fingers.  The fun-shaped, whole grain, not to sugary letters encourages preschoolers to play with their food to form words.

Alpha-Bits is a delicious, nutritious and wholesome breakfast for children with 20g of whole grains and 12 essential vitamins and nutrients per serving, including zinc and iron to support healthy brain development. In one serving, eating and reading becomes a fun way to feed our bodies while feeding our brains.

But Alpha-Bits can be more than a fun way to enjoy breakfast; it can also be used as a fun snack.  Involving your child in making snacks and fun recipes with Alpha-Bits can be a bonding experience as well as a learning moment.

 Alpha Bits Cornucopia

This fall, make this simple Alpha-Bits Cornucopias snactivity with your children.  Explain that a cornucopia, also known as a horn of plenty, symbolizes abundance and overflowing with riches.  Thanksgiving is a time to show thanks for our blessings and our lives filled with good things, such as plenty of food, our home and family.

AlphaBitsCornucopia Pinterest 682x1024 Alpha Bits Cornucopia

Alpha-Bits Cornucopia
4.0 from 1 reviews


Recipe type: Easy
Cuisine: Snack
A fun fall and Thanksgiving snactivity for kids using Alpha-Bits cereal.
  • Alpha-Bits Cereal
  • Fruit-shaped fruit snacks
  • Sugar cones
  1. Give each child a sugar cone, ¼ cup Alpha-Bits cereal (about one handful) and contents in one fruit snack pouch.
  2. Have the children fill the sugar cone with the cereal and fruit snacks to resemble a cornucopia.

To learn more information about Alpha-Bits or where to purchase the cereal, visit here.

The Coolest Halloween Ever

At the ripe old age of three, Little Lion Man finally understands the concept of trick-or-treating.  Knock on door and in a very cute way say, “Trick-or-treat!”  It also helps to look absolutely adorable in an airplane costume.  You get extra candy for being ridiculously cute.

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

Yes, Little Lion Man worked the Halloween system.  He’s a very manipulative wise three year old.  Now if only we can have him to pose for photos or to stop saying “CHEESE” with a grimacing smile.

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

This year, Halloween had an added bonus at preschool.  Liam strolled through the halls with his preschool and high school teacher friends to trick-or-treat.  They visited classrooms where other high school students teachers offered candy to all the tiny trick-or-treaters.

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

My clever Little Lion Man attempted to explore rooms off the trick-or-treat route for extra candy.

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

After preschool, we visited his sister’s school for the annual character costume parade.  There we found our own purple My Little Pony Emmalynn galloping by as Twlight Sparkle.  Middle school students don’t participate in the character parade which made a little sad to think our little preteen big sister, Allana, missed out on the fun.

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

At the start of the character parade, someone released balloons.  We’re still not sure if that was an accident or to kick off the fun.

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

Later that night, we hit the streets for the real trick-or-treating.  Emmalynn tossed the wig and Allana decided to use a pillowcase for her loot bag, because “that’s what all the teenagers use.”  Yes, she’s all grown up.  She’s too old for character parades and too old for plastic pumpkins.

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

While out walking through our neighborhood, our TARDIS found her Doctor.  “You’re the 10thDoctor!”  We all shouted at the poor unsuspecting teen as he strolled past us although he was thrilled that we recognized his costume. (Notice his pillowcase.)

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

“You’re the TARDIS!  So cool!”  Allana said finding Doctor Who while trick-or-treating was “the coolest pre-birthday present ever”.  I’m glad I could deliver that.

After our brief encounter with The Doctor, it was time for us to head home and inspect our precious.  Of course, my kids scored soda and mountains of candy trick-or-treating.

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

I have to agree with my kids.  It really was the cutest, coolest Halloween ever.

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

 The Coolest Halloween Ever


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