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Biztown Goes Spoonless with Früsh

Just before the school year ended, the primary teachers planned a school wide economic exhibit that transformed all the first and second grade classrooms into a marketplace where students could sell goods and services.  Parents and intermediate students played the role of consumers in this economic township with fake money (about $5) to spend in each town’s marketplace.  Emmalynn’s classroom became Biztown and buzzed with business for this one special day.

As the big Biztown day approached, Emmalynn changed her mind a few times as she decided what good or service to sell.  In the early brainstorming stages, she wanted to sell minutes to play with her ZhuZhu pet.  Later, she decided feeding people would be far more profitable than charging for ZhuZhu pet playtime and she suddenly became obsessed with serving smoothies made by Dad.

Then, like a sign from the bartering Biztown gods, a case of Früsh showed up at my doorstep the day before the big economic education event.

 Biztown Goes Spoonless with Früsh

Of course, we had to sample the Früsh flavors before releasing them to the good folks of Biztown.  Unlike most drinkable yogurts, I found Früsh to taste less sweet.  That’s because Früsh has considerably less sugar than the other brands.  It also contains more calcium than most drinkable yogurts and even more calcium than a glass of milk.

IMAG1901 Biztown Goes Spoonless with Früsh

These little bottles of drinkable yogurt that required no spoon were the perfect product to provide to Biztown visitors.  With some swift marketing genius, Emmalynn offered free samples to Biztown guests to sweeten the deal in purchasing a bottle of Früsh.

 Biztown Goes Spoonless with Früsh

We also had coupons to share for the Biztown consumers who wanted to buy more at their local grocery store.  Of course, the teachers love the notepads and USB chargers.

 Biztown Goes Spoonless with Früsh

But it was the Früsh and Früsh smoothies blended by Emmalynn that made everyone smile and go spoonless.

 Biztown Goes Spoonless with Früsh

Früsh is yogurt on the go, so you don’t need a spoon. It’s made with real fruit, creamy yogurt and all-natural health boosters like HOWARU® Bifido probiotics and TruCal® calcium. This delicious, on-the-go superdrink lets you eat healthier without needing a spoon or an extra hand.  Packed with protein and calcium yet low in sugar, it’s perfect for busy moms on the run like me.

Visit goFrü to learn where to find Früsh in your neighborhood.  Like Frush on Facebook and Twitter for more tasty spoonless news.

*Disclaimer: I received Früsh products and marketing materials in exchange for honest review.* 

Growing Green Girls

rcalabel Growing Green GirlsWhen my kitchen counter became too cluttered with recyclables, I cleverly devised a plan to encourage my children to help me clean up.


Like many northern states, New York’s Returnable Container Act charges consumers five cents for bottled beverages.  Although Florida doesn’t currently charge its consumers for bottles, I thought I could institute a five cent deposit policy in our home by paying my girls five cents for every recyclable container they tossed into our recycling bin.


However, before implementing our recycling program, the girls needed a quick lesson in how to determine which items to recycle.   rclogo Growing Green GirlsI began by showing them the #1 and #2 triangle   recycle symbols on the bottom of the plastic containers. Other number plastics were tossed into the trash or we found find other ways to reuse them, but all glass containers and aluminum cans could be recycled with the #1 and #2 plastics.


Each time they tossed an item in the recycling bin, the girls would mark a tally on our recycling chart.  Each tally would represent five cents and therefore, five tallies would equal a quarter.


When my eight year old would have four sets of five tally marks, I would pay her a dollar, an idea she suggested.  My four year old loved the idea of getting a big shiny quarter for a set of five tally marks.  In turn, I would be teaching my oldest to skip count by twenty-five and my youngest would be learning to skip count by fives.  Plus, for all their efforts, the girls would receive a small lesson in earning and saving money.


1recyclingchart Growing Green Girls


I implemented this task and teaching tool about six months ago and our recycling program is still going strong.


In fact, we recently finished one side and had to start a new chart on the back.  After all, I had to demonstrate another type of recycling.


2recyclingchart Growing Green Girls


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