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Our Spring Break 2014 Staycation To Do List

Next week will be spring break in our neck of the woods and I cannot wait! I am looking forward to unplugging from the blog and enjoying the outdoors with my kids for a whole week.  Out of curiosity, I asked my kids what activities they wanted to do over our spring break staycation and they came up with a really great list.

But mom picked first! Spring break will kick off with a beach trip because I have been craving to feel white sugar sand between my toes and the warm springtime sun on my face. I also have been craving Frenchy’s Grouper Rueben sandwich.

 Our Spring Break 2014 Staycation To Do List

On Sunday, I have the Sarasota Half Marathon but that afternoon my kids and I will board Thomas the Tank Engine for A Day Out With Thomas: Thrill of the Ride Tour.  For the first time ever, Thomas will talk to all the passengers which will cause my little train-lover blow a gasket!

At some point on Sunday, the kids will set their leprechaun traps once again in the hopes of catching that tricky little leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day. If we catch a pot of gold, we’ll jet set around the world for spring break. If not, we’ll settle for a day at Busch Gardens.

 Our Spring Break 2014 Staycation To Do List

Because it’s been forever since my family has gone canoeing, we’ve planned a canoe trip down the Peace River to search for sharks teeth with our friends. I don’t think Little Lion Man has ever sat it a canoe! At least I don’t have any photos proving otherwise.

img 2335 Our Spring Break 2014 Staycation To Do List

My little vegetarian has requested a day to go strawberry picking and since Absolutely Mindy declared Wednesday as “Middle Child Awareness Day”, we’ll set aside Wednesday to be our day for that berry special event.  On the way, we’ll swing by Parkesdale Farm Market to fuel up with some of the best strawberry milkshakes and strawberry shortcakes.

 Our Spring Break 2014 Staycation To Do List

While on that side of I-4, we’ll visit with T-Rex and his friends at Dinosaur World. Little Lion Man has been begging to visit dinosaurs ever since he met a few up close and personal at Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo.

IMAG4484 Our Spring Break 2014 Staycation To Do List

Another day, we’ll bounce around the idea to either jump at Airheads or find time to visit a spray ground. We’ll also try to block out some time to see The Lego Movie too.

Then make a splash at SeaWorld its 50th Celebration. SeaWorld has received a lot of negative press related to the film Blackfish, but even if SeaWorld removed its star attraction, we would still visit the park. I love SeaWorld’s message of conversation, animal rescue and rehabilitation. Plus, the roller coasters are pretty darn cool.

 Our Spring Break 2014 Staycation To Do List

We’ll wrap up the week with a glowing finish when my girls and I run the Electrodash 5K on Friday, March 21. They are so excited about experiencing a running dance party! (I’m giving away two Electrodash 5K entries. Don’t miss out if you want to join us!)

Then we’ll sleep in Saturday morning and rest the remainder of the weekend to recover from such a fun-filled, action-packed adventurous spring break staycation.

IMAG2388 Our Spring Break 2014 Staycation To Do List

What are your plans for spring break?

Pinterest Inspired Valentine’s Day Cards

I *heart* Pinterest.

Who doesn’t? Am I right?

I’ve been pinning all sorts of Valentine’s Day ideas since I first joined Pinterest. You may remember the Valentine’s Day cards my kids and I made a couple of years ago.

I pin fun holiday ideas all year round.  You do too, don’t you?  Pinterest puts new meaning to “Christmas is July”.

I had my eye on this crafty car Valentine for my little guy for a while.  I knew it was the perfect Valentine for my little car enthusiast’s preschool classmates.  To recreate it, I purchased a pack of cars and 40 count small heart treat bags at our local dollar store.  I designed the card on PicMonkey and assembled it to look like this.  The text reads, “Valentine, You make my heart race.”

IMAG4299 Pinterest Inspired Valentines Day Cards

When I showed Emmalynn the assortment of Pinterest-inspired Valentine’s Day cards, she loved the s’mores craft.

IMAG4322 Pinterest Inspired Valentines Day Cards

To recreate this Valentine, I used the same loot bags as above and purchased s’mores making items at our local supermarket.  With very thoroughly washed hands, Emmalynn assembled little s’mores kits for her classmates which included two graham cracker squares, individual Fun Size Hershey’s and pink one large marshmallow.  Again, I designed the card on PicMonkey and affixed it to the little bag with Scotch tape. The text reads, “Valentine, I need s’more friends like you.”

IMAG4321 Pinterest Inspired Valentines Day Cards

Since Allana is my moustache lover, she loved the “I moustache you a question” Valentine’s Day Card for her middle school friends.  We used her Christmas portrait, added some text and a moustache on PicMoney, because she felt it was necessary to add a handlebar moustache to her own face.  Then, we uploaded the cards to Wal-Mart’s photo center to print them.

AllanaValetine2014 Pinterest Inspired Valentines Day Cards

We found some fun fuzzy facial hair at the dollar store which Allana affixed over the word mustache.  She like the idea of hiding the word “moustache” under the actual moustache.

IMAG4320 Pinterest Inspired Valentines Day Cards

I love PicMonkey for creating fun things like this as well as fun graphics for blogging and photo editing too.  Right now, PicMonkey is offering my friends (We’re friends, right?) one day of free PicMonkey Royale (their cool upgrade option).  So give PicMonkey a go!

PicMonkey is normally free, but with my special link, you can play like a Royale and test out all the cool fonts, designs and photo editing options that aren’t normally free.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Run DMT!

Alpha-Bits Cornucopia

Disclaimer: I received Alpha-Bits cereal, promotional material and compensation to create a fun fall snack as part of a Mom It Forward Blogger Network campaign.  The opinions and snack craft shared are my own.

 Alpha Bits CornucopiaMy three year loves letters and he is fascinated with how letters make words.  Thanks to wholesome foods like Alpha-Bits cereal, reading can be fun and tasty.  Alpha-Bits cereal is the perfect size for little fingers.  The fun-shaped, whole grain, not to sugary letters encourages preschoolers to play with their food to form words.

Alpha-Bits is a delicious, nutritious and wholesome breakfast for children with 20g of whole grains and 12 essential vitamins and nutrients per serving, including zinc and iron to support healthy brain development. In one serving, eating and reading becomes a fun way to feed our bodies while feeding our brains.

But Alpha-Bits can be more than a fun way to enjoy breakfast; it can also be used as a fun snack.  Involving your child in making snacks and fun recipes with Alpha-Bits can be a bonding experience as well as a learning moment.

 Alpha Bits Cornucopia

This fall, make this simple Alpha-Bits Cornucopias snactivity with your children.  Explain that a cornucopia, also known as a horn of plenty, symbolizes abundance and overflowing with riches.  Thanksgiving is a time to show thanks for our blessings and our lives filled with good things, such as plenty of food, our home and family.

AlphaBitsCornucopia Pinterest 682x1024 Alpha Bits Cornucopia

Alpha-Bits Cornucopia
4.0 from 1 reviews


Recipe type: Easy
Cuisine: Snack
A fun fall and Thanksgiving snactivity for kids using Alpha-Bits cereal.
  • Alpha-Bits Cereal
  • Fruit-shaped fruit snacks
  • Sugar cones
  1. Give each child a sugar cone, ¼ cup Alpha-Bits cereal (about one handful) and contents in one fruit snack pouch.
  2. Have the children fill the sugar cone with the cereal and fruit snacks to resemble a cornucopia.

To learn more information about Alpha-Bits or where to purchase the cereal, visit here.

The Coolest Halloween Ever

At the ripe old age of three, Little Lion Man finally understands the concept of trick-or-treating.  Knock on door and in a very cute way say, “Trick-or-treat!”  It also helps to look absolutely adorable in an airplane costume.  You get extra candy for being ridiculously cute.

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

Yes, Little Lion Man worked the Halloween system.  He’s a very manipulative wise three year old.  Now if only we can have him to pose for photos or to stop saying “CHEESE” with a grimacing smile.

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

This year, Halloween had an added bonus at preschool.  Liam strolled through the halls with his preschool and high school teacher friends to trick-or-treat.  They visited classrooms where other high school students teachers offered candy to all the tiny trick-or-treaters.

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

My clever Little Lion Man attempted to explore rooms off the trick-or-treat route for extra candy.

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

After preschool, we visited his sister’s school for the annual character costume parade.  There we found our own purple My Little Pony Emmalynn galloping by as Twlight Sparkle.  Middle school students don’t participate in the character parade which made a little sad to think our little preteen big sister, Allana, missed out on the fun.

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

At the start of the character parade, someone released balloons.  We’re still not sure if that was an accident or to kick off the fun.

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

Later that night, we hit the streets for the real trick-or-treating.  Emmalynn tossed the wig and Allana decided to use a pillowcase for her loot bag, because “that’s what all the teenagers use.”  Yes, she’s all grown up.  She’s too old for character parades and too old for plastic pumpkins.

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

While out walking through our neighborhood, our TARDIS found her Doctor.  “You’re the 10thDoctor!”  We all shouted at the poor unsuspecting teen as he strolled past us although he was thrilled that we recognized his costume. (Notice his pillowcase.)

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

“You’re the TARDIS!  So cool!”  Allana said finding Doctor Who while trick-or-treating was “the coolest pre-birthday present ever”.  I’m glad I could deliver that.

After our brief encounter with The Doctor, it was time for us to head home and inspect our precious.  Of course, my kids scored soda and mountains of candy trick-or-treating.

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

I have to agree with my kids.  It really was the cutest, coolest Halloween ever.

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

 The Coolest Halloween Ever

Random Thoughts About Soggy Sick Days, a Birthday, a Time Lord Fest and UnTrack Tuesday

Last Tuesday was the last day I ran.

I woke up Wednesday feeling achy like I was coming down with something but chalked it up to allergies.  So, I decided to conserve my energy and not run just in case I was getting sick. On Halloween morning (Thursday morning), I felt crappy once more and decided to roll over and go back to sleep.  If I was going to be schlepping through the streets, I wanted to save my energy once more.

On Friday (Allana’s birthday), I felt like I had been run over by a Mack truck, but I had to suck it up because we promised to take our pre-teen carnivore for a steak dinner and then we had the school’s fall festival followed by seven 6th grade girls hanging out at our house after the festival.

 Random Thoughts About Soggy Sick Days, a Birthday, a Time Lord Fest and UnTrack Tuesday

IMG 0802 682x1024 Random Thoughts About Soggy Sick Days, a Birthday, a Time Lord Fest and UnTrack Tuesday

Why do I always come down with something around Halloween?  Is it related to eating lots of sugar or lack of sleep or both?

Saturday, I volunteered at the Precise Race to Educate 5K.  I decided against running because I raced hard at the Frankenfooter the week before, but after how crappy I felt, I made a good decision not run.  But then, a storm rolled in and the skies poured down on the race.  My sniffles and I stood at the half mile turnaround for the 1 mile race where I directed runners back to the finish line. I had a poncho to protect me from the rain, but damage done.  My head cold came on stronger after the race.

But, I couldn’t collapse just yet.  I promised to take Allan shopping for her birthday.  So, after the race, my mom and I took Allana to the mall to buy her a dress for the Fall Ball next Friday.  I sniffled, sneezed and coughed my way through each department store until we found her a dress in the very last store.

But, I still couldn’t collapse in my bed after shopping because we had family coming over for a cook-out to celebrate Allana’s birthday.  It was hard to be festive when I wasn’t feeling well.

Prior to my head cold funk, I had planned to run 13 mile on Sunday morning.  I fell asleep at 10:00 p.m. and didn’t wake up until 8:00 a.m. (but really 9:00 because the clock went back).   I still felt terrible and stayed in my pajamas all day.  Ditto on Monday and all I wanted to eat was soup.

Today, I was feeling better but I was still coughing so I decided against running, but I went to Body Pump at the YMCA.  Since I was still not 100%, I struggled with the weights.  I felt so weak.  At least I did something….finally.

Tomorrow I will play it by ear and see how I feel.  If I’m still coughing and not sleeping well, then I will just cycle.  If I sleep well, then I’ll get up and run 4 easy miles just to get some miles done.  Thursday, I plan to do some make up Track Tuesday speedwork.  Hopefully, my body will be ready for it.

We had planned to go camping this weekend with friends, but since Little Lion Man and I are a big sneezy wheezy mess, it doesn’t seem wise to go.  Instead of camping weekend, I will make up my 13 miles.  I need to finish my Doctor Who Virtual Half Marathon and send an email requesting my medal.

DoctoWho5othAnniversaryFunRun Random Thoughts About Soggy Sick Days, a Birthday, a Time Lord Fest and UnTrack Tuesday

Speaking of Doctor Who, there’s a Time Lord Fest this weekend in Tampa in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.  Since my kids were so disappointed about missing our camping trip, I am going to surprise them with tickets to the Time Lord Fest.  Then, maybe we’ll decorate our tree on Sunday.

timelordfest Random Thoughts About Soggy Sick Days, a Birthday, a Time Lord Fest and UnTrack Tuesday

Speaking of tree, we finally broke down a bought a new pre-lit tree.  Our previous tree would lose so many fake pine needles every year; it shed worse than a real tree.  Allan already assembled the tree and it’s just waiting to be decorated.  He was excited about not having to hang lights for the first time in 16 years.

IMAG3734 Random Thoughts About Soggy Sick Days, a Birthday, a Time Lord Fest and UnTrack Tuesday

It’s not too early to decorate our tree, is it?  Christmas is such a non-linear non-subjective wibbly wobbly timey wimey holiday.  It will be a Doctor Who Christmas Special in our house this weekend because after all, there’s always a Doctor Who Christmas Special.  Christmas and Doctor Who go together like fish fingers and custard.

doctor who christmas Random Thoughts About Soggy Sick Days, a Birthday, a Time Lord Fest and UnTrack Tuesday

Theresa Caputo and Diane Young at a Halloween Party

On Saturday we had our annual Halloween party.  As promised, I dressed as Theresa Caputo, the Long Medium.  I had the hardest time finding a wig to complete my Halloween costume, because I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a Theresa wig, like this one.

 Theresa Caputo and Diane Young at a Halloween Party

I looked everywhere in Halloween stores and online and eventually resolved to the idea that I would need to cut my Lady Gaga wig.  As luck would have it in the very last minute hours before the party, I found a Rocker wig at Target which I trimmed to resemble Therea’s hair.

Allan dressed as an old fashioned, old school white sheet ghost.  After all, Theresa always senses spirits and ghosts around her.

 Theresa Caputo and Diane Young at a Halloween Party

My sister, Simone, dressed as a character from the movie The Purge.  “I’m sensing a murder.”

 Theresa Caputo and Diane Young at a Halloween Party

“I’m sensing some loss.”

 Theresa Caputo and Diane Young at a Halloween Party

Many of our guests would become The Walking Dead with this contraption my neighbor set up in our backyard.  This contraption, cleverly called a Shot Luge, should have been festooned with caution tape.

 Theresa Caputo and Diane Young at a Halloween Party

Resembling a guillotine, an execution of many deaths drinks were conducted throughout the night.  Nick, our bartender, poured shots which flowed through a huge block of ice from the top of the contraption for victims waiting below with mouths wide open for their icy death drink.  Diane Young arrived right on time.

 Theresa Caputo and Diane Young at a Halloween Party

I did partake of the shot luge a few times, but I preferred to nurse candy corn martinis instead.  This cocktail consisted of candy corn infused Whipped Pinnacle.  It was delicious, but very strong!

 Theresa Caputo and Diane Young at a Halloween Party

Of course, we had a bar full of other drinks, including a pumpkin keg full of Samuel Adams Octoberfest.

 Theresa Caputo and Diane Young at a Halloween Party

 Theresa Caputo and Diane Young at a Halloween Party

Yes, with all that alcohol, we were destined to be dying young last Saturday night.

And we loved it.

Next Music Monday, I will be sharing my favorite spine tingling tunes.  I would love to hear what Halloween songs move your spirit.  Link up and play along…if you dare.  Muhahahahahahaha!

 Theresa Caputo and Diane Young at a Halloween Party

Visit Xmas Dolly and Jade Louise Designs for more Music Monday.

Music Monday: It’s Halloween. No Bones About It!

It’s October!

Although the Florida heat says otherwise, fall is here and Halloween is on its way!  That also means Halloween costumed-races!

If you’ve been a longtime Run DMT reader, you know that I love Halloween and dressing up.  Combine Halloween costumes with running and I’m happier than a Jack-O’-Lantern.  I’m all registered for the Frankenfooter Living Dead Challenge and just putting the finishing touches on my 5K and half marathon costumes.

You may remember some of my previous Frankenfooter costumes.  The first year, I dressed as a Glee cheerleader and won for best costumed.

glee loser1 Music Monday: Its Halloween. No Bones About It!

The following year, I dressed as the Sun Drop Girl for the 5K and the Devil in the Blue Dress for the half marathon.  I won for best costumed again for the Devil in the Blue Dress.

IMAG0501 Music Monday: Its Halloween. No Bones About It!

IMAG0533 Music Monday: Its Halloween. No Bones About It!

As you can imagine, the stakes are high this year.  Not only am I aiming to finish under 2 hours for the half, I have to keep my reigning title as best costumed runner.  Chrissy and I already planned our half marathon themed-costumes.  When I found this cute adorable Adventure Time tutu on clearance at Hot Topic in May, I had to dress as Finn from Adventure Time.

Adventure Time tutu Music Monday: Its Halloween. No Bones About It!

Chrissy graciously agreed to be my Jake.  I suppose we should have dressed as Fiona and Cake since we’re girls but it’s easier to find Jake and Finn items.

AdventureTime Music Monday: Its Halloween. No Bones About It!

In addition to the Frankenfooter, I’m also hosting a Halloween party, however, I haven’t even sorted out my costume yet.  Disgraceful and disappointing, I know.  I was considering dressing as the Long Island Medium but I having difficulty finding a reasonably priced wig.  You can’t claim to be Theresa Caputo without her signature hair and nails.

Theresa Caputo LongIslandMedium Music Monday: Its Halloween. No Bones About It!

No bones about it.  I have my costumes decisions cut out for me this Halloween.

For the next three Music Mondays, I will be sharing my favorite spine tingling tunes.  I would love to hear what Halloween songs move your spirit.  Link up and play along…if you dare.  Muhahahahahahaha!

Visit Xmas Dolly and Jade Louise Designs for more Music Monday.

October Instagram Challenge: #Octogram with #Parkesdale

Disclaimer: This Instagram #Octogram #Parkesdale photo challenge is a sponsored collaborative effort between the Tampa Bay Bloggers and Parkesdale Farm Market.  Other than prizes to be awarded as giveaways for the Instagram photo challenge, the Tampa Bay Bloggers did not receive any compensation for this campaign.

I love photo challenges! Why not host one?!

Starting on October 1, I am co-hosting my first October Instagram Challenge with the Tampa Bay Bloggers.  Follow each of these talented bloggers on Instagram and the hashtag #Octogram #Parkesdale.

OctoGramChallenge October Instagram Challenge: #Octogram with #Parkesdale

The #Octogram Hosts – Blogs and Instagram IDs

Parkedale Farm Market@parkesdale
Tampa Bay Bloggers@TBbloggers
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Haley of Running with Diapers@runningwithdiapers
Caroline of My Fascinating Life@carolinecalcote
Tara of Everyday Ramblings of My Life - @tfunair
Jenny of Metamorfit@metamorfit
Nanci of This Crazy Life of Mine@auntnanci
Jina of Behold the Turtle@behold_turtle
Stacey at Artsnark’s Artifacts@Artsnark
Crystal of Thrifty and Frugal Living@Latsyrc728
Beth of Making, Baking and Creating@anasilan
Lydia of Running Wild(er)@Wildlyd
Raffi of Running Betty@rafdarrow
Mindy of Mindy’s Fitness Journey@mindyartze
Carlee of Frugal and Fun Mom@frugalandfunmom
Bonnie of Not So Modern Housewife@notsomodern
April of Pixiedust Savings@pixiedustsavings

But we don’t want you just lurking at our photos!  We’re dying for you to play along too!

To join in the freaky October Instagram Challenge photo fun, add your Instagram ID to the linky collection below.  Then each day in October, snap a photo using the suggested photo prompt for that day and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #Octogram #Parkesdale.

Everyone who Instagrams and plays along will be entered for a chance to win a gift fruit basket from Parkesdale Farm Market valued at $65.90.  TWELVE lucky winners** entered in linky tool below will be randomly selected  on November 1.

**Only eligible to USA and Canada residents.

Parkesdale GiftBasket October Instagram Challenge: #Octogram with #Parkesdale

We’ll be watching for your photos from the shadows of Instagram.  Muhahahahahaha

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Perfect Easter Pictures

These are a few of my favorite photos from Easter.

 Perfect Easter Pictures

 Perfect Easter Pictures

 Perfect Easter Pictures

 Perfect Easter Pictures

Emmalynn Easter2013 1024x682 Perfect Easter Pictures

Allana Easter2013 1024x682 Perfect Easter Pictures

My camera isn’t fast enough to capture the front of a speedy toddler.

Liam Easter2013 1024x682 Perfect Easter Pictures

I love this photo us.

Easter2013 Taylors 640x1024 Perfect Easter Pictures

I asked a random stranger at church to take a picture of us.  I need to find that gentleman at church again to hug thank him and find out his secrets for picture taking.  Seriously, do you know difficult it is to snap a decent photo of my family with everyone looking in the general direction of the camera and somewhat smiling?  It’s perfect.

I hope your Easter had some picture perfect moments too.

NurtureSpring2013Button250 Perfect Easter Pictures

Pinning and Planning – December 23

PinningPlanning RunDMT Pinning and Planning   December 23Honestly, I wasn’t going to post a Pinning and Planning post since two days of this week’s menu would be consumed with Christmas dinners.  But then I had a thought that perhaps my readers would want to see what Allan and I had planned for our Christmas dinners.

We spend Christmas Eve with my family which is typically a meatless meat per my mom’s request.  It’s an Italian-American Catholic thing.  Over the years, Allan has slowly added some meat dishes into the mix (chicken cutlets or Italian sausage) and no one has complained, although my mom, my sister and I still elect to remain meatless.  (Some really rude joke come to mind.  Keep it clean, guys! lol)

Growing up, our meatless Christmas Eve meals consisted on shrimp marinara, but Allan isn’t the biggest fan of shrimp and so years ago, he decided to serve eggplant parmesan.  Now fifteen years later, everyone expects the dish on Christmas Eve.  No lie, Iron Chef Allan makes the most delicious eggplant parmesan and I can’t stomach restaurant eggplant parmesan anymore.  I’m always disappointed because it doesn’t taste as good as Allan’s, which really is a thing of beauty and I’ll have to post a photo of it for you.

Of course, there is nothing light about Allan’s eggplant parmesan and you could probably bake the eggplant to save on calories and fat, but it’s Christmas and Christmas calories don’t count, right?  It’s a Christmas miracle!  Thank you, Baby Jesus!

We serve our eggplant parmesan with spaghetti topped with marinara sauce and there’s always a huge tossed salad.  So, those who are concerned with calories can pass on the parmesan and save room for the Yule log cake Allan always bakes (another photo worthy masterpiece).  My oldest daughter has requested cheesecake too.

On Christmas Day, we’re entertaining Allan’s family and for the Taylor Clan, Iron Chef Allan will prepare a somewhat traditional British Christmas dinner of roast lamb and a small turkey with all the trimmings, potatoes and stuffing.  His family loves Brussels sprouts so I think I’m going to try my hand at Healthy Homemade’s Brussels sprouts because she promises that her recipe will make the pickiest person a fan.  There will also be roasted parsnips and mince pies for dessert.

The food fest continues the next day with Boxing Day.  Iron Chef Allan always prepares huge sweaty British breakfast complete with scrambled eggs, fried tomatoes and mushrooms, fried bread, baked beans, potatoes and English breakfast sausages.

Since the Day-After Turkey Soup was such a hit in our house will eat that for dinner on Boxing Day, if we have any room for food.

I imagine it’s going to be a week of yummy leftovers.  I can be healthy again when January first rolls around next week.

S – Eggplant Parmesan with Pasta Marinara and Salad and Yule log for dessert

M – Roast Turkey and Lamb with Mashed Potatoes, Sage Stuffing, Lemon Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Glazed Winter Veggies, Parmesan Asparagus and Mince Pie for dessert

T – Sweaty Breakfast and Day-After Turkey Soup for dinner

W – Leftovers

Th – Leftovers

F – Pizza

What things are you cooking up for Christmas and the rest of the week?  Will it be a lotf of leftovers for you too?  Link up and share the delicious dishes you are pinning and planning to serve this week.

Plan your menu for the week and if you have some favorite food pins, add those too. Then, link up and share your post. If you’re not on Pinterest, send me an email and I’ll send you an invite.

 Pinning and Planning   December 23


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