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Sunrise Through the Trees

As I mentioned in my Friday Food Fight post, my family and I spent the weekend camping in Hillsborough River State Park. Camping or not camping, I’m always up before the sun and my family, but then I capture moments like this.

2011 11 11 07 36 24 726 Sunrise Through the Trees

Catching a glimpse of a sunrise through the trees is always sweet moment while camping, besides s’mores of course.

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iPhoneography e1301666771163 Sunrise Through the Trees

GoneBananasSnapshotSunday Sunrise Through the TreesSIMC Sunrise Through the Trees

Fall in Florida

We’re into the second week of November and autumn has finally arrived in Tampa Bay.  A Florida fall consists of much cooler weather with highs in the upper 70s and lows in the lower 50s.

 Fall in Florida

And if you’re very observant, you’ll start to see some leaves turn colors.

 Fall in Florida

 Fall in Florida

It always makes me sad when the cypress trees in my neighborhood turn shades of brown.

  Fall in Florida

Once the cypress trees begin to go brown, they lose their leaves quickly and their drab gray branches make the trees appear dead.

 Fall in Florida

 I wouldn’t mind barren trees if they were covered in white snow.  Well, I would mind the snow, but at least the cypress trees wouldn’t look so lifeless.

 Fall in Florida

I miss the green already.  Is it too early to put up my Christmas tree?


autumnchallenge3 1 Fall in Florida

workshop button 1 Fall in Florida

“Fall in your neighborhood! Share some Fall pictures that capture the season in your neck of the woods.”


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