Picked the Perfect One

At the Sweetfields Farm this past Saturday, my family and I hopped on a hay ride, ran through a hay maze, explored a corn field maze and pumped water from a trough.


We love visiting pumpkin patches during the month of October, but this was our first time at the Sweetfields Farm.  All the fun activities there made this pumpkin patch a perfect pick.












  1. Felicia says:

    Hey there!! What an amazing time you had.

    I love the pictures of your girls.. they are so gorgeous.. hmm.. I wonder who they get it from?

    anyway.. you asked about the Biltmore. Well, since we live here we have a season pass. I think that your girls are old enough to be able to get through the house.. will they be bored… the youngest one might be. We actually have to leave Graham with a sitter if we want to go through the house. We love the bike trails and it is a great place to run! There is also a wonderful little barn yard where the kids can pet chickens, chicks, horses, sheep, and goats!

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