Hi! My Name is…(What?)

Once a month, my mom’s group hosts a birthday celebration to honor and recognize all the birthdays (moms and kids included) which fall within that month.  Essentially, we host a small birthday party with cupcakes and juice every month and we’ve been hosting them every month since the group began four years ago.   That’s been 48 parties and well over 2,000 cupcakes.  Wow! Holy cake batter, Batman!


Recently, my mother-in-law bought Allana and Emmalynn some new clothes and this t-shirt was included in the pile.  Emmalynn couldn’t wait to show it off to all her friends at the next Moms on the Go birthday celebration.



Surprisingly enough, she didn’t get an ounce of icing on her new shirt at that event, however, her hands, arms and face were another story.



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