Random Thoughts about Firecrackers, Bombs, Marathon Training Plans and Track Tuesday

Juneathon dude logoI ended the Juneathon like a fizzled out firecracker.  I always start out so strong and then wimp out by the end of June.  Is it because my work-outs depend on our unpredictable Florida summer weather or maybe traveling and other summer activities get in the way?

I don’t know.

But all that matters is that I ran on very last day of the Juneathon (Saturday, June 30), which also happened to be the Mamavation Virtual 5K. It was incredibly HOT, but so was my 5K time.  I was so proud of my 5K race pace.

3.12 miles

Time 28:14

Ave Pace 9:09

Max Pace 7:04

I tried to push it through the heat and just about died in the process, but it was all good training for the Lutz Independence Day Run on July 4th, which is typically a ridiculously hot race.

And then, like the irony of a summer storm that pisses on your parade, I came down with a sore throat and felt funny Saturday evening.  Sunday morning, I woke up with a nasty head cold.  My sinuses were burning.  Monday wasn’t much better and today, the cold has settled in my chest, and so no Track Tuesday for me although technically it’s a rest day since tomorrow is my race.

Being sick again seriously bites!

I really hope I feel better for tomorrow’s race.  I so desperately want to finish under 28 minutes and beat my Spring Sprint time.  And if I could beat my time from 3 years ago, that would totally ROCK!  And if I could do it all in my new red, white, and blue tutu that I made special for Independence Day Run, well, that would just be the BOMB!

My tri training has really taken a hit with this stupid head cold too.  I can’t even remember the last time I swam and that’s not good.

Speaking of training, I have to start my marathon training in September with my first long distance of 10 miles falling on the weekend of Sept 15.  The Disney marathon in January will be my fourth marathon and I’m running it for fun with my friends, Chrissy and Maribel, which will be their first.  Therefore, we’re not so concerned about time, just enjoying the experience.  In other words, expect lots of photos. 😉

However, about four weeks later, I’m running the Ft. Lauderdale marathon (my 5th marathon) and that will be for time.  My goal is to redeem my Space Coast time and finish under 5 hours, like I did for Gasparilla a few years ago.

For my past marathons, I followed Hal Higdon’s plans.  But this time around, I’m looking to challenge myself without killing myself.  I could follow Hal’s Advanced plan because I like the speed work, hill and tempo aspects of that plan, but I don’t like the three 20 milers.  That seems a tad bit overkill especially given that I’m doing two marathons back to back and I know I can go the distance.  So, I’m still shopping around and looking into some new plans.  With that, I turned to my Facebook and Twitter followers for some training plans suggestions.

Coach Brian recommended Digital Running’s intermediate plan.

Via Twitter, @marathoningmom suggested the FIRST plan shared on Runner’s World, which seems like a very practical, realistic plan for moms

The book, Train Like a Mother, also has training plans geared for busy moms.

RunningMom2Boys suggested Yasso 800s.

My friend, Sarah, recommended the Van Aaken Method.

Steven from Ignore the Buckets on My Jacket said, “You’ve got enough experience to make your own now. No one knows your body and schedule better than you. I am doing my own this time and I am loving it…and following it better too. Think about it.”

Now, that’s some solid advice there.

So, what about you?  Do you have any other marathon training plan suggestions?

Although I’m resting this week, feel free to link up your sprints for Track Tuesday.

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  1. digitalrunning says:

    I’m biased toward the Digital Running plan since I wrote it, but I would caution against the FIRST plan since anyone I’ve known who has tried it (including me) has ended up injured.

  2. myhonestself says:

    I agree – make your own plan! I often take other plans and just tweak them to my own personal preferences. I’ve always found it easier to follow if I feel like it is my own personal plan! Good luck tomorrow!!!

  3. Steve Carmichael says:

    Most online training plans are all about the training calendar/schedule rather that the other things that make you successful. For example, when to/how much to fuel, hydrate, how to vary intensity, pace, pre-training/race, during training/race and post training/race recovery and so on. As a running coach, I see people come to me who blindly follow some mileage schedule and then wonder why they don’t perform or deal with constant nagging injuries.

  4. Barb Hoyer says:

    Wow! Your post is amazing and inspirational. I just started running again, age 44 with 5 kids, 6 months ago.

    I did my 1st race in a long time last Saturday. Ever since, I’ve been struggling this week with a low-grade infection and I haven’t been up for running much. I was a bit frustrated, and then decided to look at it as a rest week. I’m hoping with all the echinacea I’ve been taking that I’ll be up for a regular run tomorrow morning, despite the predicted high tomorrow of 102 in Philly. Hope you feel better, too!

  5. Jen says:

    I have to agree with Steve, you need to personalize a pan for your goals and needs. The generic ones are a good base but need to be fit to the runner. I often work with people who bring in a plan they think they need to follow and wonder why it doesn’t work, after looking at their goals, time and past running we tweek it to meet what they need for training to achieve their goal.

  6. Amy says:

    I don’t have any great words of wisdom about training plans as I am just training for my 1st marathon myself! So sorry you have a summer cold! Those are the worst!

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