Social Fresh East 2013 {Social Media Conference}

Have you heard about the Social Fresh social media conference?

Me either, but after hearing all the buzz about this unique social media conference opportunity, I’m excited to join hundreds of local bloggers and social media enthusiasts in Tampa this April 18-19 to learn more about how to make my social media Run DMT world work better and more efficient.

Having attended several professional conferences during in my teaching days, attended a few during my blogger career life such as TechMUNCH and BlogHer and even hosted a few of my own Tampa Bay Bloggers blogging workshops, I am very familiar with the typical conference experience.  However, Social Fresh offers a unique social media conference experience.

There are four reasons to make Social Fresh the social media conference you will want to attend this April.

  1. A Single Track – It’s one room and one experience.  There’s no guessing which speaker is best and making a “wrong choice”.  There’s no divide and conquer approach with your colleagues and report back technique necessary.  All the great speakers are in one room so you don’t miss anything.
  2. No Panel – Rather than all four to five speakers on stage discussing relevant topics while trying to speak over one another, Social Fresh offers one speaker at a time to discuss a topic or topics relevant to them.  The speakers own the value of their session and they own the value they bring you.
  3. 30-Minute Sessions – Social Fresh offers short concise sessions with experts and challenge their speakers to bring their best content, insights and tips.  With 30 minute sessions, Social Fresh keeps the energy level high and keeps the pace of the day moving.
  4. Group Learning – Social Fresh offers many opportunities for its attendees to network with the diverse audience it attracts to its unique social media learning environment.  With working together opportunities, several breaks and an interact exhibit, Social Fresh fosters an engaging learning environment. Plus, after the social media conference the networking and learning continues at the Social Fresh Happy Hour events.  Social Fresh also hosts a Facebook group for all attendees to continue sharing and learning. To take the learning one step further, Social Fresh offers Fresh Storm, a brainstorming media competition opportunity that provides hands-on, interactive learning and training with a real-world application of social media.

After hearing the testimonials and viewing the speaker line-up, I am really excited to be part of Social Fresh East 2013!   The speakers at the Social Fresh media conference are some of the brightest and most influential people.

Having been part of the blogosphere for 5 years now, I feel I still have so much to learn to grow my Run DMT brand.  I feel confident that I will leave the Social Fresh social media conference with some truly valuable information and some amazing social media network connections.

Join me at Social Fresh East 2013 this April 18-19 by registering online here.  To learn more about the Social Fresh social media conference agenda, the speakers and the venue, visit Social Fresh online.