Oh Christmas Trees, Oh Christmas Trees

Have I mentioned that I love Christmas?  Each year, we erect our tree trees earlier and earlier, but as long as it is up before Thanksgiving, I’m happy.


Years ago, Allan and I would wait until Thanksgiving weekend to put up the tree.  But when Black Friday shopping began interfering with those plans and I demanded requested to start decorating the weekend before Thanksgiving.


You might think that is strange, but I believe a Christmas tree makes a beautiful backdrop for our Thanksgiving dinner.  Besides, decorating for Christmas requires so much effort, why not start the season a little earlier and enjoy your Christmas tree a little longer?


Since Allana’s birthday party usually falls on the first or second weekend in November, Allan and I began scheduling our Christmas tree trimming around the third weekend.  Most of my friends and my family think I am nuts, but I simply can not wait for the holiday season to begin.


While listening to our favorite Christmas tunes, we trimmed 4 trees this past weekend.  There’s a fat tree in the front living.  This tree displays all the collectible and breakable ornaments.




Tucked in a corner in the adjacent room, an empty advent calendar waits to be filled with Christmas fun and treats.




And, the stockings were hung on the half wall with care.




One slim tree stands in the in the family room and shares the room with a menorah.  We embrace all cultures and celebrate diversity in the Taylor home.  This tree holds all the homemade ornaments my girls created and a few that resemble hand-crafted ones.  We also added a train around it this year.




During the after Christmas clearance last year, we bought the girls their own 4 foot multi-colored pre-lit tree.  They decorated this tree all by themselves with our cartoon character ornaments, plush ornaments and other non-breakable ornaments.  Allana also added her own personal touch by cutting paper snowflakes.




And finally, Allana has her very own purple tree in her room.  Eventually there will come a time when Emmalynn will request her own tree, too.  I will be happy to oblige when she promises not to destroy, throw or eat the ornaments.




As for festooning lights outside our home, our HOA deed restrictions prohibit decorating too soon.   I suppose I can wait to hang the lights outside until Thanksgiving weekend.  Until then, I’ll sip eggnog with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Christmas season inside my home.


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