Making a Splash









    • Run DMT says:

      This was a HUGE milestone for Allana! She is terrified of heights, but she really wanted to jump off the diving board. Somehow my timid little one found the courage to be brave. I was so proud of her! You can see by her expressions that she just loved it and was so proud of herself too.

  1. RunningBetty says:

    Cute swimsuit. My DD2 is a fish but hates swim team, so she just swims for fun. She loves those swim shirts, they save her shoulders. Now she just burns on her eyelids, poor kid. Come see my WW today!

  2. Ms. Latina says:

    Ahhhh she is such a cutie. She looks so serious and determined as she walks out then you get a close up and see that adorable smile LOL

    Looks like she had a blast! Hope you were able to jump in as well!!!

    Happy late WW!

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