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Lessons from The Lorax

Then he grunts, “I will call you by Whisper-ma-Phone,
for the secrets I tell you are for your ears alone.”
Down slupps the Whisper-ma-Phone to your ear
and the old Once-ler’s whispers are not very clear,
since they have to come down
through a snergelly hose,
and he sounds
as if he had
smallish bees up his nose.
“Now I’ll tell you,”he says, with his teeth sounding gray,
“how the Lorax got lifted and taken away…

 Lessons from The Lorax

But those trees! Those trees!
Those Truffula Trees!
All my life I’d been searching
for trees such as these.
The touch of their tufts
was much softer than silk.
And they had the sweet smell
of fresh butterfly milk.

 Lessons from The Lorax

Then I chopped down a Truffula Tree with one chop.
And with great skillful skill and with great speedy speed,
I took the soft tuft, and I knitted a Thneed!
The instant I’d finished, I heard a ga-Zump!
I looked.
I saw something pop out of the stump
of the tree I’d chopped down. It was sort of a man.
Describe him?… That’s hard. I don’t know if I can.
He was shortish. And oldish.
And brownish. And mossy.
And he spoke with a voice
that was sharpish and bossy.
“Mister!” he said with a sawdusty sneeze,
“I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees.
I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.
And I’m asking you, sir, at the top if my lungs”-
he was very upset as he shouted and puffed-
“What’s that THING you’ve made out of my Truffula tuft?”
“Look, Lorax,” I said.”There’s no cause for alarm.
I chopped just one tree. I am doing no harm.
I’m being quite useful. This thing is a Thneed.
A Thneed’s a Fine-Something-That-All-People-Need!
It’s a shirt. It’s a sock. It’s a glove, It’s a hat.
But it has other uses. Yes, far beyond that.
You can use it for carpets. For pillows! For sheets!
Or curtains! Or covers for bicycle seats!”
The Lorax said,
“Sir! You are crazy with greed.
There is no one on earth
who would buy that fool Thneed!”

 Lessons from The Lorax

From outside in the fields came a sickening smack
of an axe on a tree. Then we heard the tree fall.
The very last Truffula Tree of them all! 

The Lorax said nothing. Just gave me a glance…
just gave me a very sad, sad backward glance…
as he lifted himself by the seat of his pants.
And I’ll never forget the grim look on his face
when he heisted himself and took leave of this place,
through a hole in the smog, without leaving a trace.
And all that the Lorax left here in this mess
was a small pile of rocks, with one word…
Whatever that meant, well, I just couldn’t guess.

 Lessons from The Lorax

“But now,” says the Once-ler,
“Now that you’re here,
the word of the Lorax seems perfectly clear.
UNLESS someone like you
cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better.
It’s not.

Excerpts from Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax

Photos taken at Universal Studios’ Island of Adventure - November 5, 2011

Denise Mestanza-Taylor+

 Lessons from The Lorax


Living life as a mom on the run between races and raising three beautiful, brilliant children (ages 11, 7, 2). Before a blissful life as a SAHM, I taught elementary school for 7 years. In 2007, I discovered a passion for running. I'm currently training for a fourth marathon as well as a variety of other races and triathlons. In my spare time, I am the lead organizer for the Tampa Bay Bloggers on Facebook. I'm currently training for two marathons as well as a variety of other races and triathlons. From start to finish, I'm a mom on the run trying maintain an easy pace through it all.

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  • 2dayswoman says:

    Beautifully said! We just went to see The Lorax on monday and we absolutely loved it!

    18 April, 2012 at 5:49 am
  • Stacy Uncorked says:

    We loved the Lorax – and I love this post! :)

    Creation from a Hunger Games Obsession

    18 April, 2012 at 8:56 am
  • If I Could Escape . . . says:

    Loved that and perfect for Earth Day. Fab photos too. x

    18 April, 2012 at 10:16 am
  • posh says:

    Wonderful post! Loved it!

    Have a great WW

    18 April, 2012 at 12:21 pm
  • Angelique says:

    The photos compliment the Lorax excerpt very well. I always liked the fluffy design of the Truffula Tree!

    18 April, 2012 at 1:22 pm
  • Lauren @ Hobo Mama says:

    Aw. It looks like that would have been fun to visit, and I’m going to have to see the movie!

    22 April, 2012 at 2:22 am
  • jagelees says:

    I’ve always loved The Lorax and it’s always been a favorite Dr. Seuss book in our house!

    28 April, 2012 at 4:19 pm

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