Go Bulls!

It’s been years since I have been to a football game, but somehow, last week I was lucky enough to attend TWO in one week!  Unfortunately, Allan couldn’t join me for the USF game, so I spent the evening with my sister and her fiancé, Matt, who hooked us up with Miller Lite Party Deck tickets!  A Bulls game and free beer!  Life is good! 



My friends Erika, John, Kelly and Tom also attended the game and were nice enough to give me a ride home after all the free beer.



When we arrived at Tampa Stadium, I stared at the crowd from the backseat of Kelly and Tom’s car, which made me feel really old.  The tailgating USF students were so young.  As I gazed at them reminiscing about my college days, I realized that I was holding my purse in my lap, like an old lady.  Suddenly I got the urge to offer the young whippersnappers a hard candy mint out of my bag or a wadded tissue from my wristwatch.


USF apparel has really improved over the years since I attended college.  I loved all the trendy halter tops and tube tops I saw at the game.  I even complimented one gal on her USF tube top.  


“Girrrrrl, it’s a cut-up man’s shirt!” she proudly proclaimed and then spun around to point at the knotted shirt pulled tightly across her back.  My sister and I looked at each other with look of surprise.  Although we were impressed with her creativity, we were more taken back by her Joy Tuner impression and her response to my inquiry was more rehearsed than Palin’s scripted debate responses.



Later that evening and after a few rounds of our free beers, Simone and I had to visit the ladies room.  From our stalls, we heard Joy Turner repeat once again the same rehearsed response to another tube top admirer.  Simone and I tinkled and giggled.



The fans may have looked good, but too bad the Bulls couldn’t put it off with style and grace in the end.  Final score to Pittsburg: 21-26


  1. Amanda says:

    Hey I just did a search on info for the Miller Lite Party Deck and your site came up! Just curious about how they do the check-in. I just bought tickets off of a guy who doesn’t want to go and paid a pretty price for them (it was not cheap) and on the back of the voucher it says non-transferrable? Do they check names at the gate? How does it work? Did I get screwed?

    Any advice would be great! The Miller Lite Party Deck looks like a blast! I hope I can use these tickets!


  2. DeniseRMT says:

    No one checked my I.D. You do enter through a separate gate and they look at the ticket to make sure you are in the right place, but that’s pretty much it.


    Have a great time! 🙂

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