Pumpkin Patches Without Paparazzi

Despite the overwhelming popularity of Run DMT, I didn’t notice any paparazzi peeking over fences or lurking behind haystacks while trying to snap pictures of my family during our visits to the pumpkin patch.  It seems we successfully dodged those pesky paparazzi!


On our first visit to the pumpkin patch, Allana wore a princess crown which she made from a paper plate.  Either Princess Allana loves pumpkins so immensely that she felt compelled to kiss them or she took the role of princess a little too seriously by attempting to turn pumpkins into a carriages or princes with a royal kiss.



Pumpkin patches in our area are not like pumpkin patches up north.  Our neighborhood patches involve picking a pumpkin from a pile on a pallet (Try saying that 10 times fast!) rather pulling one off a vine.  Personally, I like to believe that The Great Pumpkin sprinkles pumpkin seeds during the night to make the pumpkins magically appear in an open field next day.  Regardless how our vineless pumpkin patches pop up, those bright orange orbs always cause my girls to grin like Jack O’ Lanterns and they make great fall photos, too.



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