Our Scottish Wedding



With our wedding anniversary occuring in the same week as Granny Taylor’s passing, it seems like a good time to share some wedding day photos.  Granny always loved a good party and she enjoyed our wedding immensely.  Therefore, let’s take a little trip down memory lane for our beloved Granny.


Our Wedding Day




I always dreamed of a big, white Catholic wedding at Christimas with my dad walking me down the aisle.  My dad doesn’t look too happy in this photo.  Maybe he is sad to be losing his daughter.  More likely, it was the cost of our wedding that made him miserable.  Later at the reception, Allan’s uncles and cousin, Archie, would help drown my dad’s sorrow with some whiskey.




Father David Toups presided over the ceremony at St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church in Spring Hill, Fl on December 18, 1999.  (Almost two years later, Fr. Toups would also baptize our first daughter, Allana Rose.)




Allan wanted a traditional Scottish wedding with kilts and a piper.  We arranged to have Uncle Robert Taylor pipe us out of the church.




My mother was 45 minutes late to our wedding. I wanted to kill her, but Fr. Toups made me pray and I prayed for patience and understanding.  (I am still praying daily for that!)  Since I have a really bad reputation for being late, all of our guests thought I was the reason for the delay.  (Unfortunately, tardiness runs in the blood.)  Inevitably, something always goes wrong at weddings,  right?  After the ceremony we laughed about it.  If I remember correctly, I am pinching her arm and telling her I going to f*cking kill her.




Uncle Andrew Taylor served as an usher.  My mom had such a crash on Andrew.  I think she would have run away with him to Bonnie Scotland if he asked.




We had a small bridal party.  Allan’s brother, Jamie, stood as his Best Man and my sister, Simone, as my Maid of Honor.  Simone’s bouquet contained her favorite flowers, daisies and both our bouquets were wrapped in Royal Stewart ribbon to match the kilts.  Allan’s boutonniere matched my bouquet.  All the other boutonnieres and corsages contained white roses and heather.  





My dad looked much happier after the ceremony.  Perhaps, he was worried Allan would back out of the deal.  No refunds now.  Muhahahahahaha!





Allan and I always admired his mums’s photo of the entire family attending his cousin’s wedding and we tried to recapture it at our wedding.




A friend later asked me, “Why were Allan’s family wearing black to your wedding?  Are they trying to say something?”  Unfortunately, millennium silver was the trendy color back in 1999, which appears black in the photos.  Looking back now, I really do think they were making a statement, but not a fashion-related one.  Perhaps now they can get one more use out of their gowns and by wearing them to Granny’s funeral.  I think I can hear Granny Taylor scolding me from heaven for that comment.  “Ye arenae reit in th’ heed, hen.  Ye ur pure wicked, ye lassie.”


Here’s another family photo, which includes the Mestanza clan and hides all the black millennium silver and unfortunately, poor Isobel’s face, too.  I was so disppointed by the outcome of this photo.




Several friends and family members traveled miles to share our special day, like my Grandma Nancy…




…my suitemate from England, Suzie (who years later would marry on our anniversary date and ask Allana to be a flower girl in her wedding)…




…and my childhood friend, Randi.  We were thankful for every guest that shared our special day.





  Once at the reception at the beautiful Belleview Biltmore, we were piped into the Candlelight Ballroom by Uncle Robert…




…which preceded our first dance as newlyweds to the song Crazy Love by Van Morrsion.




At dinner, Jamie gave a hilarious speech, which had everyone greetin’ from laughing so hard.





More dancing followed after dinner.  My dad had secretly taken dance lessons to learn how to tear up the dance floor to the song, To Sir, With Love by Lulu.  He swung me around like a rag doll.




Then, Allan danced with his mum to Apron Strings by Everything But The Girl.  When I first heard the song back in the 80’s as part of the She’s Having a Baby soundtrack, I always thought it was the perfect wedding song.




Of course, there was the obligatory cake cutting ceremony.  We chose How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) by James Taylor to accompany our slicing and dicing.  Corny, I know, but we are sentimental sappy hippies.




After all the formalities and lots more whiskey, the party and the guests really started rolling. 




Many of the guests were not prepared to learn the real answer as to what a true Scotsman has under his kilt.




As the night progressed, rumors spread that men in kilts were crashing other parties in the hotel and roaming the halls playing the bagpipes.  It was also reported that a few Scotsman were skinny-dipping in the pool.




There are so many fabulous funny ridiculous pictures and memories to share about our wedding day, but it has taken me hours just to scan and upload these few photos.  (Alas, I was married before the digital age.)  

















Plus, there are so many more details to share, like how we had Christmas wedding crackers at every place setting to help create a fun atmosphere and incorporate an old English Christmas tradition into our wedding.  And, how we didn’t have a head table just one big round table for all of our sisters, Allan’s brother, and their significant others to join us. 








 Or, the controversy I created because I refused to allow any children at our wedding, (I was a teacher for God’s sake and needed a break from kids.), but particularly, I wouldn’t allow Allan’s three year old nephew to be a ring bearer.  Now, that I have raised 2 three year year olds, I still think that was the best decision I ever made! 




Looking back through the photos and taking this trip down memory lane, I realized how much life has changed 9 years later.  Some people have passed away since then.  Some couples are now divorced while other couples have grown their family with children. 


With Simone’s wedding next year, I am really looking forward to doing this all over again.  I love weddings!   Perhaps, next Christmas Allan and I will renew our vows to celebrate ten years together.