There Will Be a Five Dollar Charge for Whining

After a long day of driving without a trip to the local grocery store, we decided to grab a bite to eat to celebrate our first night in Waynesville, N.C.


The benefit of traveling with a Tom Tom or a Garmin is the fact that you can locate places of interests or places to dine without any knowledge of the area, which is how we chose stumbled across the destination for our first meal in Waynesville.


Many establishments close for winter, therefore, we called a number of restaurants to verify meals were being served.  Since Haywood Café seemed to be the only place open and operating in Waynesville, we set our course for the restaurant diner.


Although I am quite the adventurous eater, my DH often turns his nose up at hole-in-the-wall joints.  Upon our arrival to its attached gas station, the Haywood Café was about to suffer the same fate.   




The thought of Allan being forced to eat in a local yokel diner made me giggle.  Either he would have to admit to our friends his reluctance or simply suffer through it and eat his first last meal there.  Knowing how difficult it was to find this place, he swallowed his pride and chose to join our friends for a meal.  As we entered the restaurant, I jokingly reminded Allan that his Aciphex would help prevent indigestion.


“You folks can sit anywhere you like.  Smoking section on the right and non-smoking is to your left,” greeted the waitress as we entered the diner.  Calling her a server would cause this diner to lose its My Cousin Vinny charm. 


“Would your girls like some crayons and coloring books?”  Do grits need butter?  And she handed each girl their own coloring book and pack of crayon.




That’s when I noticed a sign screwed to the wall.  There will be a five dollar charge for whining.  I read the sign aloud to the girls while adding a quote from Pinkalicious, “You get what you get and you don’t get upset, because I am not paying extra for any whiny behavior.”




With a variety of hot dogs on the menu, each girl could order a different type.  Sarah requested a traditional hot dog, Allana wanted a corn dog and Emmalynn chose a cold dog (a hot dog minus the bun).


As for the grown-ups, I believe Allan may have really wanted to whine but was afraid an extra charge would appear on our bill.  Breakfast is served all day at the Haywood and a home-cooked southern style breakfast sounded like perfect pairing for this whole experience.


When the food was served, we were pleasantly surprised.  Biscuits smothered in a  peppery gravy served with bacon, over easy eggs and real chunky potato home fries.  John added a side order of grits with his meal and commented on how true Southern grits should always be drowning in butter.







The Haywood Café served up warm friendly smiles along with its sunny side up eggs and a great lesson for my DH.  You get what you get and you don’t get upset, because you may miss the best damn breakfast this side of the Smoky Mountains.




    • Run DMT says:

      I completely agree. Grits are gross. I can’t bring myself to eat them. The pic above is actually John’s grits and just they way he likes them. YUCK! 😛 Everything else was delicious!

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