Run DMT is Phat and FABULOUS!

While sulking about my fat and not so fit physique, Lindsay from Chasing the Kenyans passed along this cute little bloggie button to me.  



So, who cares what some stupid body fat scale says?  Lindsay thinks I’m fabulous!  Thanks for cheering me up, Lindsay! 🙂


Upon recieiving this award, I am asked to list my five fabulous addictions.

  1. Running (Duh!)
  2. T.V. 
  3. Wine (beer or any alcoholic beverage)
  4. Dark chocolate
  5. Facebook


I am also addicted to blogging, but that is pretty much a given for all bloggers, right?  I also thought I would add sex to the list just to be funny, but my DH would have totally called me out on that one.


As another stipulation of this award, I must tag 5 other equally FABULOUS bloggers.

  1. Cloe from Running with a Bottle of Wine
  2. Rachel from Following in My Shoes
  3. Parenting Pink
  4. Jennifer of Happliy Ever After Land
  5. Maris from In Good Taste


Now, go and spread your fabulousness!


  1. dwyatt64 says:

    Love to see ya on facebook, too. But there are way too many Denises in Florida. Feel dumb, but can’t remember where in Fl you’re located or last name. If you have time, look me up (you can figure out my last name based on my usename!) I’m not very creative. Sigh.

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