Goofy for Gasparilla, Part #4

Lori called me the other night to ask me if I had registered for Gasparilla yet.  Unfortunately, lack of funds caused me to postpone my registration for the race.  While I chatting with Lori, I visited the Gasparilla Distance Classic site to register.  I remembered reading on the website that the Michelob Ultra Challenge could fill up before race weekend.


And there it was in big, bold letters:




My heart sank.  


“You just weren’t meant to do it”, Lori said trying to cheer me up.  “Your body is still trying to recover from Disney.  Take this as a sign that you are just not supposed to do the Mic Ultra Challenge.”


After doing the “Unofficial” Goofy Challenge last month, I decided against registering for all three races in the Gasparilla Distance Classic.  All that work and none of the glory?  I think not.  No special medals or t-shirt for all my hard work.  My name not listed in a special challenge list.  I think I’ll pass.  Disney taught me one thing.  Goofy has no glory.


So, with that, I registered for just the marathon.  Many of my friends are running in the 5K and I may still register for that race.  Please, after running 39.3, a 5K is a fun run these days!  Plus, I will only run a better time than last year’s race.


  1. Chloe says:

    Bummer! I hate when that happens – ‘SOLD OUT’ just kills me when it’s something you really want to do.

    BUT at least you got into the marathon! That is awesome! Can’t wait to hear how it goes 🙂

  2. lindsay says:

    “just” a marathon. like those are easy…

    mic challenge next year! this year you can sit back, challenge your friends to some drinks, and watch all those poor souls stagger across the finish line. i definitely think you deserve all the glory if you are going to subject yourself (and your wallet) to more multi-races. next year! maybe i’ll have to sign up too!

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