A Crummy Camping Trip

My good friend, John, always tells me, “Denise, you’re not a true camper until you camp in the rain.”


This past weekend, I learned that I am NOT a real camper and I will avoid camping in the rain again.  I have discovered that I am truly a fair weather camper.  Next time the forecast calls for 70% chance of rain, this camper will cancel.


There was simply not enough beer to drown my sorrows miserable attitude while camping.  As much as I love hanging out with my friends, I was so bored.  The rain limited our hiking excursions and prevented me from squeezing in any runs.


When the rain finally slowed on Saturday, we went for a quick hike along the river basin, the Ravine Ridge.  That was certainly the highlight of our trip! 










As far as campgrounds go, I was not impressed with Mike Roess Gold Head Branch.  Although the park offered oversized campsites, which could easily accommodate two or even three tents, the rain caused us to huddle under a canopy most of the time.  Of course, that is no reflection on the park, just my own poor planning.  However, these oversized campsites lacked shade and had there been any sun, we still would have been huddled under the canopies.


I’ve been pretty spoiled on previous camping trips to Hillsborough River and O’Leno.  I’ve come to appreciate a playground near our campsite and well-attended to restrooms.


  1. lindsay says:

    again, i’m no camping fan even in fair-weather. so here i am, bowing to your camping greatness. such cute pics. glad you survived another weekend in the (rainy) wilderness!

  2. Tiffany says:

    As I told you before, Denise, anyone who voluntarily sleeps outside while paying mortgage on a perfectly comfortable house is a little nuts in my book! My hat’s off to you for being so brave to camp out in the wilderness, especially in the rain.

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