Bunnies on the Brain

As of late, Emmalynn’s (my 3 y.o.) language skills have really developed at a rapid speed.  Not only is she talking more, but she blows me away with the words she uses.  She went from barely speaking to speaking in descriptive sentences.


It tickles me to hear her speaking in real sentences with all the parts of speech present in one sentence and correct usage of verbs.  But more than that, it’s the facial expressions she makes when speaking.  Her face is so animated.  She makes me giggle even when she criticizes my driving.

The way she crinkles up her nose and tilts her head when she speaks, she reminds me of the little bunny from Disney’s Robin Hood.  Of course, this could also be since this has been her movie of choice as of late. 

To get a better understanding of the comparison, fast forward to 8:30 in the following video to view the baby sister bunny speak.  It’s a great visual of Emmalynn’s speech patterns.

So has all the Little Bunny Foo Foo babble given me bunny brain or what?


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