McSorley’s Old Ale House

mcsorleyAs I mentioned in my NYC post, McSorley’s Old Ale House is the oldest ale house in the NYC.  They’ve even got the dust to prove it. 




bar view


The only alcoholic beverages served at this historic tavern are light and dark ale.  Allan and I preferred the dark ale for its smooth chocolate flavor without a bitter after taste.  My sister, Simone, disagreed.  She preferred the light ale.  Actually, her beverages of choice are white wine and champagne, but she survived.




Dark Ale


More known for its ale than food, I’ve heard they serve a pile of raw onions with every dish at McSorely’s, which would explain the condiments on the table.  Would you like to some Hepatitis with your chips?




Sawdust covers the wooden floors.  Old photographs, newspaper clippings and vintage knickknacks plaster the walls.  Every inch of the establishment has an interesting artifact to gaze upon.





Old Photo




I want this sign for my house.

Be good or be gone


When we fist arrived, the bar was standing room only.  After our first round of beer, the server cleared a set of tables for us.  I think the bartender knew we would stick around for awhile.




  1. convwmoms says:

    Yuk on the dust and condiments. I don’t know if I’d feel comfortable drinking there. I’m more of a light ale person myself. So maybe it’s a girl thing.

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