Happy Anniversary, Moms on the Go!

 Tuesday marked the third anniversary of my moms group, Moms on the Go.


Having been involved in two moms groups in my old neighborhood, I understood the benefits a moms group offers to survive life as a SAHM.  When an Internet search for a moms group in Land O’Lakes turned up empty, I knew I needed to start my own group when I moved to the area.


From the start, friendships between moms and their children developed quickly.  We enjoyed spending time together.  In a matter of a few short months, Moms on the Go rapidly became one of the largest, most active moms groups on Meetup.



Three years later, I still love organizing Moms on the Go.  I am blessed to know so many wonderful moms and fortunate to have found some fabulous friends along the way. 

 Moms weekend08_group


I feel passionate about what I do and I have an outstanding team of organizers to help fulfill my vision, which is defined our on About Page.

 Cinderella Project2008




Regardless of our children’s ages, all SAHMs have a strong desire for adult interaction. We are looking to escape our mundane routine for an opportunity to connect with others and ultimately build relationships for ourselves and our children. 

It takes a village to raise a child. Moms on the Go is that village. We are your extended family. 


We recognize that social interaction is as important for our children as well as ourselves. Our calendar continually offers stimulating activities which enable our children to interact and create new friendships in a safe and friendly environment. 


As well as developing relationships, our group is about support. Moms on the Go strives to be an all inclusive moms’ group. With active calendar and equally active message board, our members will find the encouragement, advice and support they desire and the bonding they need to survive in the frontlines of motherhood. 


We acknowledge the importance of our role in the community, and therefore, we strive to build strong ties to the community by organizing and implementing several outreach activities throughout the year. 


We are more than a playgroup. We are a group of women that are passionate about building relationships and finding friends who have similar experiences to share. 



For me, Moms on the Go is more than a moms group.  It’s my family.  Thanks for three great years, ladies.