Stealing Sunrises

Early Thursday morning, I darted out the door to catch another sunrise run.  After struggling with the soft sandy shore and the blind winding roads of the island, I wanted to run a different path and explore a bit more of Captiva.  Therefore, I formulated a brilliant plan to run through the South Seas Resort, which occupies the north tip of the island, as the private roads through the resort would offer a safe and beautiful run.  However, a guard sits the gate and I have never been past the entrance.  For Thursday run, I dared to do just that.


I thought I had pulled it off as I ran passed the guard check point until I heard him holler, “Excuse me, miss.  Can I get your room number, please?”


I should have played it off that my iPod was too loud or bust out my best Spanish accent and replied, “Yo no hablo Ingles.”  But I wasn’t that clever on this particular morning.  Instead, I simply replied, “I’m not a guest at the resort.”


“Well, then I’m afraid I can not permit you on the property.”


I apologized for being so bold and excused myself from the scene and then remarked, “Yes, I supposed I could do a lot of damage in my running skirt and running shoes.”  Thinking back, I believe it may have been my Gasparilla pirate baseball cap that made him nervous.  Perhaps, he thought I would be searching for treasure in his resort.


I ran off the resort property followed Captiva Drive to the end and the public beach access.  Once on the beach, I ran north and I found myself behind the South Seas Resort.  Along the beach, I noticed private path hidden by overgrown sea oats.  I also noticed signs stating “No Trespassing- Private Property”, but much like the guard I ran past them with little acknowledgement. 


As I ran on the forbidden limerock private paths of South Seas, I felt invigorated.  It’s amazing how being naughty can feel so good.  (Don’t tell my children I said that!)  And just as I suspected, the view was gorgeous.  During my 3 mile run, I spotted three cardinals and an ibis.



At the end of my run, I thought about running past the guardhouse to show off my brazen behavior the guard, but I simply chose to run home instead.  To the guard simply doing his job too well, never say no to a nosey adventurous determined runner.

 3.50 miles

Time 36:38

Pace  10:27


For whatever reason, I couldn’t find the energy to run on Friday morning.  I suppose the excitement of Thursday’s sneaky sunrise run stole all my energy.  However, I did jump out of bed to watch one last sunrise.  In my pajamas, I walked across the island to a private dock at the end of the marina on the bay.  Another cloudy morning prevented a perfect sunrise, but it was still beautiful to watch nonetheless.




As I left the dock, I spotted some marking under the water’s surface.  At first, I mistook the marking for shark gills, but upon a closer observation I realized it was scars on a manatee.  Old scars ripped open by recent deep wide gashes with pieces of flesh still exposed and a quarter of his paddle tail missing.  Then, next two this gentle mangled giant, I spotted his “wife” and small calf.  The wife also had some scarring, but thankfully their young offspring has yet to know such a horror.  As I stared at the scars of the larger manatees, I wondered if boaters ignored “No Wake” signs like I ignored the “No Trespassing” signs the day before, however, no creatures were harmed with by brazen behavior.





baby manatee 


I must have sat for about 20 minutes on that dock watching the manatee family enjoying their breakfast.  And although I didn’t run that morning, I felt invigorated once again.


  1. lindsay says:

    dmt, fugitive on the run! 🙂 i like your new header artwork!! (liked the old one too, of course)

    can’t blame you for not running friday – the sunrise and manatees are amazing! very cool to see them so close up in their natural environment.

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