A Bootiful Masterpiece

At our Moms on the Go Halloween party, Allana proudly posed for a picture with a cupcake that she cleverly designed all by herself.  While the other children simply smeared on icing and sprinkled a few toppings on their cupcakes, Allana created a bootiful masterpiece.  With a dab of vanilla icing, she created a small ghost.  She added two sprinkles for the eyes and another for its mouth.  The candy corn represents a tombstone in a graveyard.  Isn’t it spootacular?







  1. Ms. Latina says:

    Allana did a great job and has a wonderful imagination! If I was grading her she would get a A++ for a boo-tiful cupcake!

    Happy WW!

    Btw pls any excuse typos, sent this from my BB and was havin such a hard time with it!

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