Musical Monday: Love Songs

When my sister and I were growing up, we fantasized about our wedding days. Even as young girls, we knew only our sister could fill the role of each other’s Maid of Honor. We picked our flowers and changed the color schemes a dozen times over the years, but we always knew what music would move us on our wedding days.


Simone wanted to dance with her future husband to Never My Love.




But, I was more the Supertramp kind of gal.




Then, Simone and I fell in love with the wedding scene in Love Actually and The Beatles’ All You Need is Love was placed at the top of the list of possibilities for Simone’s wedding day. Like wedding bells, the lyrics ring loud and clear. The wedding is only icing on the cake because love is all you need to go the long haul and survive years of marriage.




Funny thing though, none of these songs made the final cut on our wedding days. During my college days, I discovered Van Morrison and vowed I would marry the man who knew all the lyrics to Crazy Love.


As fate would have it, I did.





So, what love songs move you?

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  1. Running Betty says:

    REO Speedwagon love songs. Brian and I followed them around the midwest during a summer tour (college… those were the days), went to a concert of theirs the day we found out I was pregnant with Alice, and had the band autograph a baby T for us on Brian’s first Fathers Day. I think the kids learned their songs by osmosis in the womb because I sang them in the car so much. Go Kevin!

  2. Tara says:

    Thanks for joining in today. We were a little lean on participants today but usually have a few more. I’m from NC and love the UNC Clef Hangers. Great song choices! A few weeks ago, we shared wedding songs too!

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