A Sign of the Times

It’s no new news how devastating the housing market crash has been all over the U.S., but these days it seems to be hitting closer and closer to home.


During these dark economic times, I feel blessed that my husband has a job with a decent income to afford me staying at home to raise our children and maintain a roof over our heads. But I know that my neighbors haven’t been so fortunate.


Our decision to move to this little suburb outside of Tampa almost 4 years ago seemed like a logical choice.  Moving closer to Tampa would cut my husband’s commute in half and we envisioned this neighborhood as the Promise Land.  For the most part, it has been for my family.  We met some wonderful friends and my girls attend good schools.


However these days, the promise land has become “The Great Housing Dust Bowl”.  Each day it seems another family is forced to move out and another For Sale sign pops up as our neighborhood slowly transforms into a ghost town.




This ghost town has developed as result of a combination of several things: heads of households losing jobs, increases in taxes and homeowner’s insurance, 100% mortgages coming into maturity, and quite frankly, some families living well beyond their means.




No matter the reason, we are surrounded by empty homes with foreclosure notices and For Sale or For Rent signs.  My two next door neighbors are the most recent victims of unfortunate circumstances.



It is truly a sad sign of the times.



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  1. Cecily R says:

    So sad. And scary. My husband and I were in a neighborhood above ours so I could practice some night photography and we ended up on a culdesac with four out of 7 houses either for sale or with foreclosure notices. Such a sad sign of these times!

  2. Just me says:

    My husband has not had a real job in almost 2 years. Yet, in North TX I think people are living off 401s. Not so many foreclosures and restaurants still have waits. I survived a corporate bankruptcy last year so I guess I am thankful but seriously- I am tired of being the breadwinner. I just want to run and be a mom.

  3. morethananelectrician says:

    It has been a scary set of circumstances these past two years. And I have to think there are two more to come. I have to thank Morethanawife for her handling of the household and finances. She’s the one keeping the ship afloat during this mess I found myself in these last three months.

    I tip my hat to all the moms that fill similar roles across this country…I would trade jobs with them…I couldn’t do it.

  4. Eva Gallant says:

    What a sad time it is for so many people. I retired last April, but the company I worked for pulled out of my state which left about 10 of my co-workers jobless. I would have been one of them had I not already retired. I’m just hoping the stock market continues its comeback, so my 401k will last me through retirement. I haven’t had to make any withdrawals yet, but I probably will by 2011.

    Glad you and your family are okay.

  5. Thom says:

    Sad that this happens. It’s all over the place. I’m glad you are okay. Thanks for stopping by and it wasn’t even Musical Monday LOL 🙂 Have a great weekend 🙂

  6. Willa says:

    It’s really sad especially with family who live there for a long time and somewhat have a close friends live by, but with the situation,they have to leave everything behind. 🙁

    Btw, I got here thru the Comment Challenge at Harriets. 🙂

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