I Heart Faces: Dramatic Black & White Photo Challenge

Ever since the day Emmalynn was born, Allana has been the best big sister a little sister could ever ask for. When Emmalynn was a baby, she would want to hold her and cuddle her constantly. Five years later, she still loves to hold and cuddle her little sister. Allana enjoys playing Mother Hen and taking care of Emmalynn in such a tender way that would warm any mama’s heart.



When I see the expression of love caught in this old photo, it comforts me like a cozy blanket. With a new baby brother on the way, I know Allana will gaze at her baby brother with this same loving look and once again, she will want to hold and cuddle our new baby every moment she can. I just hope Emmalynn will share that same feeling towards her baby brother.


I hope I can capture a photo of two big sisters gazing lovingly at their baby brother.


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