Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows and a Blister in the Sun

The family and I had a fabulous time in Treasure Island this past weekend. Although our mini-vacation ended too soon, I am somewhat grateful to have escaped our evening sweet sweat fest.


On several evenings while staying in this treasured beach town, we walked the boardwalk at John’s Pass where we discovered another Kilwin’s Ice Cream and Fudge Shoppe.  Of course, we had to cool ourselves with some refreshing ice cream on more than one occasion and we felt no shame indulging in the tasty treats because we certainly sweated off all the calories walking along the boardwalk.


Just outside the ice cream shop, I caught a few bars of one of my favorite Leslie Gore songs which compelled me to start dancing and singing, however, this compulsion could have been caused by the heat or a resulted as a sugar rush from the ice cream.  Either way, this sweet song perfectly summed up our ice cream summer strolls along the boardwalk although Allana thought I made the song just to torture her and she repaid the favor with one of her personal favorites, Personal Penguin .





On another evening while strolling along the boardwalk, we heard a local band’s version of a Violent Femmes song, which I don’t believe I’ve ever heard covered before.  Considering the higher than average summer heat this past weekend, this song also summed up our summer fun in sun pretty accurately.




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