A Gleeful Christmas

My Secret Santa gave me a great Christmas gift and now my days are full of Fa La La La Las.












These are the best videos I could find for my favorite picks off the album.  They sound a bit Auto-tuned.  The CD sounds much better.  Honest!  But, whoever created these videos added a cool click feature, so you can listen to all the songs just by clicking on the red title bar in the center.


I can’t wait to see and hear the songs performed on tomorrow night’s show.  I know.  I know.  I am such a Gleek.


For the next two Mondays leading up to Christmas, I will be sharing my favorite holiday tunes. It would make me very jolly if you shared your favorite holiday tunes, too.



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  1. LJS65@aol.com says:

    I’m not at all a Glee fan, but I love all the songs you picked, so I listened to all of them. I have to say I really liked the way they did “We Need a Little Christmas.”
    I’m looking forward to seeing what else you post for the rest of the month because I adore Christmas music. Have a great week. I linked my post, too.

  2. Amanda Moore says:

    Wow those kids are really impressive! I have lots of their stuff but had no idea they were doing Xmas music thanks for sharing Denise! How are the kids BTW hope all is well @ home!

  3. Hazel says:

    A lot of fa la la la las…! 🙂 I will have to come back though for serious listening tonight (I’m in the office right now). But I know these are nice picks. Have a fabulous week.

  4. TheXortr says:

    LOVE ’em all! I don’t watch Glee, but anything I have ever found by them on YouTube or elsewhere I just love! Thanks…very, very Christmasey for sure!

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