Suck It Up This Summer

PhotobucketTime for another edition of Slacker Mom Confessions: I bribe my children.

I have never professed to be perfect.  Lord knows I am far from it.  For me, motherhood is all about survival.  In fact my motto as I roll into my 40s is “I’m not seeking approval.  I’m just trying to survive.”

And for about $1, these icy, sweet, nothing natural, saturated with food coloring slushees from Target help me do just that.

When I shop at Target with my girls, especially during the hot summer months, I willingly buy my girls a slushee.  If they are good while we shop, they can refill their cups before we leave the store.

Works like a charm every time.  Whatever it takes, my friends and in this case, it’s a little Blue #1 and Yellow #5.

And there will be a lot of it this summer.  Sweet.

Now link up and see what If I Could Escape and Gone Bananas are serving for this week’s Friday Food Fight.

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  1. kimert says:

    Word. I do the same. We even go for the bag o’ popcorn because ’round these parts you get a slushee AND the popcorn for a buck.

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