22 Things I Have Done

Last week we wrote about what we have never done…this week, write a list of 22 things you HAVE done.” – Mama’s Losin’ It

I am forty years old.

And I have:

  1. Ran 53.6 miles in races before turning 40 on July 27.
  2. Ran 2 marathons in the past 4 years and I will run my third marathon (Space Coast Marathon) Thanksgiving weekend.




  4. Participated in 30 races since I started running 4 years ago.
  5. SCUBA dived to depths of 114 feet.
  6. Fed a stingray while SCUBA diving.




  8. Watched the sun rise and set in the same day.
  9. Camped in a tent many times and I love it.  (Thanks to our friends, Erika and John.)
  10. Visited the Grand Canyon and camped there.
  11. Camped overnight for U2 concert tickets.
  12. Ice skated in Central Park.



  14. Been in a fist fight.
  15. Visited Hawaii.
  16. Seen President Obama in the flesh.



  18. Eaten escargot and ostrich, which were very tasty but probably the two most bizarre foods I have ever eaten.
  19. Taken a road trip with my college girlfriends from the Florida Keys to NYC.
  20. Stood outside the Today Show and appeared on TV…twice, but really three times, thanks to scoring some Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tickets.


  22. Appeared in the newspaper on several ocassions: as a teacher many times, once to speak on behalf of my moms group’s charity event for Alex’s Lemonade Stand and another time for a town hall meeting with TECO but that was not attractive. (So wish I could find that photo!)
  23. Watched a friend die from AIDS.
  24. Given money, clothes and/or food to the homeless while waiting at a stoplight.
  25. Volunteered at a local food bank, Metropolitan Ministries.
  26. Cried tears of joy when I met my babies for the first time.
  27. Fallen madly in love with some guy I met in a bar in Ybor City on Guavaween night sixteen years ago this Saturday.  And then I married him.



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  1. Boy Mom Blogger says:

    Your list is awesome! You make 40 look GREAT! I love this idea and the writingn prompts … I’m going to start doing it. Oh – the photo of you and hubby is priceless!

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