All for a Happy Halloween

If you have young school aged-children still at home, then you can probably relate to the madness of a day that I will be facing today.  There’s a costume parade at the school followed by two class parties where Monster Mama Run DMT is expected to DJ dance music for said parties and then another party after school before we set off to trick-or treat with our friends.

That’s some serious Halloween hoopla, my friends!

But we do it all for the kids, right?

Rest assured, I’ll be funneling a few beers tearing into some treats of my own around 5:00 p.m.  Then, I’ll be feeling good in the ‘hood.

And with the help of some liquid courage, maybe I’ll sing some Halloween carols to really piss off my neighbors  keep my spirits high and smooth things over when Little Lion Man tries to enter each home we visit for trick-or-treating tonight

Here’s to a safe and Happy Halloween to you and yours!

For the next four Music Mondays, I’ll be counting my blessings through song.  Each week in November, I will be singing my praises and giving thanks by sharing a song that symbolizes one of the many blessings in my life.  Come count your blessings with me and link up while you’re here.  What a blessing that would be!
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  1. Xmasdolly says:

    I sure wish some of my blogger friends lived close by, so I could hang out with y’all! Maybe even a coffee clutch once & a while. Love LOVE your choices. Where on earth did you find all these? Fabulous!!! Anyway, have a very Happy & Safe Halloween my friend! Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Dolly

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