Experience “3D Printing the Future – The Exhibition” and MOSI

Disclosure: My family and I received complimentary one-day admission to MOSI in exchange for my honest review. The opinions shared are my own.

I have fond memories of visiting The Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) when I was a kid. One of my strongest memories involves me stepping into the hurricane simulator and being blown away by the experience.

Recently, I had the opportunity to share Tampa’s MOSI with my children. Of course, the center has grown since my childhood days. In fact, MOSI’s scientific playground offers more than 450 hands-on activities and holds the title as the largest science center in the southeast United States.

For our most recent visit, we explored MOSI’s newest addtion, 3D Printing the Future – The Exhibition.  Through a hands-on exploration and live demonstration, we unraveled how 3D printing technology works, how it is used, and the amazing possibilities for the future.

3D Printing the Future

Upon entering the exhibit, my Whovian children immediately spotted the 3D TARDIS in the display case.

Photo captured by my daughter, Allana

As we ambled through the exhibit, we uncovered so many ways that 3D Printing has impacted our world although we didn’t realize it.

The creative 3D designs of the live demonstration amused us, particularly the Stephen Colbert Octopus.

Since 3D Printing the Future – The Exhibition is more suited for older children, my twelve year old enjoyed the 3D Workshop, especially when she had the opportunity to draw with the world’s first 3D printing pen.

There was definitely an art to draw with the 3D pen. Allana wanted to design a more a complex structure but struggled with the material. She opted to a more simple design, her initials.

Once she finished her 3D design, we joined the rest of the gang upstairs to explore The Amazing You exhibit, which consists of seven developmental life stages: beginning of life, childhood, adolescence, young adult, middle adult, older adult and end-of-life issues.

Given that some of that content can be a bit intense for younger children, we skimmed through and focused on the hands-on healthy living aspect of the exhibit.

As much fun as MOSI can be, exploring and climbing MOSI’s  Sky Trail® Ropes Course & Zip Line really pumped my kids and me up. Little Lion Man was too little, so he stayed behind with Daddy. Once Emmalynn gazed upon the looming size of the Sky Trail Ropes Course and Zip Line, she chickened out she hesitated and decided against it.

Sky Trail Ropes Course

Allana and I were the only two brave souls left standing.

This multi-level structure, which opened in 2011, offers many paths and multiple challenges as guest navigate and climb their way to the top harnessed to the apparatus for safety measures. The course can be as challenging as guests choose to make it and since I love a challenge, I attempted a path that resembled tightrope. After losing my footing and nearly falling, I decided to stick to the plank paths and platforms. I met Allan at the top for the Zip Line but she decided against.

I was the last one standing and I was about to be catapulted across the length of a football field. And it was AWESOME! When I relive the adventure, I will plan a MNO event to experience the Sky Trail® Ropes Course & Zip Line  with my thrill-seeking mommy friends.

For the remainder of our visit, my family and I explored our favorite exhibits such as and Kids In Charge! The Children’s Science Center (which is perfect for the little ones), Disasterville, Dr. Richard T. Bowers Historic Tree Grove and the Gulf Coast Hurricane, where I could relive my childhood hurricane memories and create new hurricane simulator memories with my children.

3D Printing the Future – The Exhibition made its debut on June 14, 2014 at MOSI and is a limited engagement experience.

MOSI admission, which includes 3D Printing the Future – The Exhibition anda documentary IMAX film, is $22.95 for adults, $20.95 for seniors (60+) and $18.95 for children (2-12). Museum hours are Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. For more information, call 813-987-6000 or visit mosi.org.  ***Children under age 2 admitted for FREE. There is a $2.50 convenience fee for reservations made by phone and web orders.

For this special 3D Printing the Future – The Exhibition MOSI has teamed up with The Dali Museum. The two museums will have reciprocal displays in each of their exhibitions and will offer special discounts to those who visit both museums. MOSI will offer 50 percent off its admission to anyone who presents a ticket stub from The Dali Museum.