Skating on Thin Ice

For the holidays, an outdoor mall near our house erected a small ice skating rink, however, the rink consisted of large sheets of plastic instead of ice. Despite the lack of ice, my girls still thought it was pretty cool.


a iceskating11 Skating on Thin Ice


a iceskating21 Skating on Thin Ice


e iceskating11 Skating on Thin Ice


e iceskating21 Skating on Thin Ice


 Skating on Thin Ice

 Skating on Thin Ice


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  1. Erin says:

    Plastic! LOL! Now it makes sense… I saw something posted on FB about a plastic icerink… I didn’t realize you can SKATE on plastic. Next step is bringing them to a real one. They look like they would have a blast! I always loved ice skating. Now I am excited about bringing my boys one day!

  2. Felicia says:

    Ok.. I would love to say that this looks like a ton of fun.. but I have a horrible memory of ice skating back in the day that I just can’t shake.

    The girls look like pros! Maybe they could teach me?

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