Freaking Fay and Five Minutes for Fitness

Although we managed to avoid Tropical Storm Fay, an allergy attack brought on by the winds of Fay has been unavoidable.  Her strong gusts seemed to have stirred up all kinds of nasty bits of dust, pollen and mold which triggered my allergies and I feel like I’ve been run over by a bus.

Despite waking up this morning with a nasty sore throat and nasal drip, I managed to roll out of bed and run 5 miles.  The winds were strong again today, which meant more unplanned resistance training.  Fortunately, I couldn’t smell a darn thing with my nose all congested.

Alas, it’s Thursday and time for this week’s 5 Minutes of Fitness.  Today brings another 5 minute dance party with your children.  I highly recommend these songs to get your heart rate pumping:

Move Your Feet by David Weinstone (2:58)

The Freeze by Greg and Steve (2:13)

I realize it’s about 30 seconds too short, therefore to make it a solid 5 minutes, simply do a plank exercise for 30 seconds.  Your core will thank me.

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  1. denisermt says:

    LOL Did you notice the little smiley face with shades? HA! That’s suppoed to be 2:58, but I guess the : 8 ) form a “That’s cool” smiley. That’s pretty funny. Don’t you think? HA! O.k. maybe I’m the only one who is amused by it. Well, the cool smiley guy stays, gosh darn it! Are we :8)?

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