I Heart My New Running Shoes!

After resting for 2 days, my knees felt as good as new when I woke up this morning.  With that, I eagerly bolted out the door for a short run to test out my new shoes and to see if my knees had really recovered from Sunday’s torture training.  To spare my knees, I chose to only run in the streets and managed to finish 4.5 miles without any pain or discomfort.  Although, my iPod died in the middle of my walking warm-up, my knees and my Kinsei shoes made beautiful music together.


It is amazing what the right shoes can do for you!  I felt nothing today, other than my usual side cramps caused by the Florida heat and humidity.  On Sunday, I could barely walk, but today there was not even the slightest bit of pain or any evidence of injury.  Thank goodness!  I’m back, baby! 🙂


As you may have already guessed, I am in love with my new shoes and I am looking forward to my next run with my new love shoes on Friday.


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