Hello Hula


With my escape to the beach last weekend, I feel like a hula for this week’s edition of 5 Minutes for Fitness.  So, grab your grass skirt and coconut top and let’s shake what to good Lord gave us. 


While searching for a hula on You Tube, I discovered cardio hula.  Who knew there was such a thing as cardio hula?!  The video is three minutes long, so do it twice to push it Polynesian style.  




Why not get the kids in on the act, too?  Try the same cardio hula moves to Lilo and Stitch’s Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (3:27).  If you need the visual aid, turn down the sound on the You Tube player and play the music along with the hula cardio video.  Wait for the drum beat to begin and the cardio hula moves will fit the music perfectly!


Hopefully, the hula will make your hips happy.  Aloha!