Chick in Chaos, Part 7

Tuesday morning, I ran 3.5 miles on pitch black roads dimmed by only the moon and amber streetlamps.  Running in the early morning truly embraces the spirit of Halloween, because it is pretty creepy running in the dark.  But since I need to kick this training thing up a notch, I can’t be afraid of the boogie man lurking in the swamps or a scary clown hiding in the sewers.



When I returned home from my run, I woke up my family and helped my oldest daughter get ready for school.  Once she climbed onto her school bus, I hopped on my borrowed bike and rode 11 miles in almost 52 minutes.  It’s about 4 minutes faster than the Babes and Bums, but an extra mile and a better bike.  I only hope that’s fast enough to pass an old CoteeMan.  Although, there is still a good chance that I will fall off the bike since it is about an inch too tall for me.


I bought a gel seat for Leslie’s bike, but I wanted to test the bike without the gel seat.  As you may have guessed, that wasn’t the best idea, because my poor va-jay-jay went numb about half way through the ride.  I lost all feeling in my nether regions.  And here I thought the gel seat was to keep you from getting hemorrhoids!  I didn’t realize it helped circulate blood to your who-ha!


As for my training the remainder of the week, I plan to run Thursday morning.  I would also like to run and bike one more day before the race, but with the cushy gel seat, of course. I don’t want my vagina to become depressed, like Charlotte York’s vagina on Sex and the City.