Sea World’s Halloween Spooktacular

Recently, I was selected as a Mommy Reporter to review Sea World’s Halloween Spooktacular.  As a Mommy Reporter, my family and I would receive complimentary tickets to the park on the condition that I would write about our experience.



Happy to oblige, I dressed my children in Halloween apparel and we headed over to Orlando for a fun-filled day.  When we entered the park, we were greeted by Shamu dressed in a pirate costume.  Shamu would be the first of many characters throughout the park that my girls would not want to associate with. 


Upon entering the designated Halloween Spooktacular, a tsunami of bubbles fell upon us.  Two friendly Sea World workers handed my girls treat bags to collect their goodies along the way.  Trick-or-treat stations were situated along a path leading to Shamu’s Happy Harbor



Many colorful characters entertained us as we strolled along on our search for candy.  Although the costumes were stunning, my daughters were not interested in interacting with any of them.  Usually, my daughters are more than happy to pose with a princess.  Perhaps, they didn’t recognize Sea World’s sea of characters which could explain their reluctance.


As to be expected, there were plenty of sweet treats.  After several candy stops, I was very thankful for the healthy alternatives, such as small packs of peanuts and mini bananas, but I don’t think me girls were as grateful for the healthy treats.



When we arrived at the Wild Arctic, we encountered an unusually hot spot.  Frost bitten pilots and park guests were busting moves at a very cool dance party in the Frozen Fun Zone.  An Ice DJ played toe-tapping tunes encouraging everyone to dance, except for my girls.  My little pumpkins were more interested in collecting more sweets than showing off any sweet moves.  However, I managed to steer them away from the sweets long enough to visit with the polar bears, walruses and beluga whales of the Wild Arctic exhibit.



Since neither of my girls wanted to drag themselves away from the candy, we unfortunately missed Sesame Street’s Countdown to Halloween.  Once arriving in Shamu’s Happy Harbor, they were happy to ride a variety of the preschooler friendly rides. 



After a few spins on the rides in Shamu’s Happy Harbor, my pumpkins insisted on seeing Sea World’s main attraction: Shamu.  Shamu and other killer whales are the stars of Believe.  The talents of the trainers and its main cast of characters are always a breath-taking and fun experience.



As to be expected, Shamu was a huge splash with my family, but afterwards we were feeling a bit dehydrated.  To quench our thirsts, we headed over to the Hospitality House for some refreshments.  Just like Busch Gardens, Sea World offers two free samples of beer to guests over the age of 21.  While sampling our Samuel Adams and Shock Top, we posed with our grown-up treats for my oldest daughter to take our picture.



Following our two beer binge minimum, we stopped by Blue Horizon.  The acrobatic talents of the dolphins, aerialists and divers were truly breathtaking.  The beautifully choreographic birds in flight pirouetted around the acrobats as they spun in the air.  Their bright and colorful costumes danced with each gesture and movement.


For the remainder of the day, we walked through the park and enjoyed the animal exhibits.  Strolling through the long underwater tunnel of Shark Encounter conjured up memories of a similar Sea World scene for me as a young girl.  I enjoyed reliving that memory through my children’s eyes.


My girls loved the hands-on experience of Sting Ray Lagoon.  Like excited puppies, the sting rays happily greeted each hand waiting to pet them.



My family and I appreciated the opportunity to experience a “spooktacularly” good time at Sea World this season and we are looking forward to partake in The Polar Express during the holidays.



  1. morethananelectrician says:

    That pumpkin thing gives me the creeps…but after the clown in the storm drain thing…anyone in a costume is going to be subject to a little extra scrutany. I’d better get over this before the kids come to the door in a couple of weeks or someone is going to get a shovel in the head.

  2. ParentingPink says:

    Oh, looks like so much fun! Wish we lived near a big theme park! I’m hoping to get my daughters to Orlando (Disney & Sea World) in the next couple of years. Btw, I love the girls Halloween attire! 🙂

    OH, and I’m always happy to make new “liberal” friends !LOL

  3. dwyatt64 says:

    Hey Other Denise!
    You are so lucky to live near Sea World. My family went there a few years ago and my daughters loved that park better than the Disney parks! It was nice taking another trip via your eyes and your daughters’ experiences.

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