Another Moonlight Encounter

This morning, I left my house a little earlier so I could avoid an encounter with my stalker neighbor.  The chilly morning air greeted me as I opened the door.  While I walked, I enjoyed a cool morning under another full moon and hoped my plan to avoid my stalker neighbor worked. 


Then, when I turned the corner, I spotted my stalker neighbor walking his dog.  I politely waved and hurried on my way to stretch under a lamppost. 


A few minutes later, I heard a guttural growl from behind.  Was it a scary clown from the sewer or a stalker?  Either scenario would make a great horror film.  I turned around to discover my stalker neighbor and his Jack Russell pooch trying to sneak up on me.


“You’re out early this morning.”  He said with a pearly white smile that sparkled in the moonlight and beautifully contrasted his lovely mocha skin.


I need to run five miles today and I have to do it before my family wakes up,” I replied with a partial truth.  “I am trying to avoid you” would sound so mean.  Aren’t we all simply looking to make friends at 6:00 in the morning under a full moon?


“What’s your name?”  He asked and I realized that we have never been formally introduced.


“Denise.  And yours?”




Like the salad, I think to myself and how I am so blogging this encounter.  Caesar the Stalker has a nice ring to it.


Then, he proceeds to tell me his plans to run later because he was up all night with a nervous dog.  I believe it had something to do with a visit to a vet yesterday, but honestly I can’t really remember, because I was too busy thinking of ways to escape this encounter and start my run.


Reminding him that I have a short window of time to run before my family wakes up, I politely excused myself and dashed away for a 5 mile run.


When I returned home on the final stretch of my run, I spotted my stalker neighbor outside washing his dog.  Why would anyone wash a nervous dog on a cool morning outside? 


Is this typical behavior of a stalker?


  1. Mark says:

    We have these same sort of people at our office. They come over to your desk and proceed to tell you all about something, whether it be an issue they went through such as getting their car fixed, an issue their daughter or son or wife dealt with, etc. It is almost like they want to tell you their troubles but don’t want an answer. Best way to handle is to give a quick wave and continue on. If they persist then immediately acknowledge it: “wow”, then say you have to go: “have to go.” Directness is needed. Don’t under any circumstances sit and listen. Leave. Doing this enough times will eventually (hopefully) have an effect.

  2. Miranda says:

    Weird!! That’s exactly why I run on a treadmill and not in the neighborhood. Maybe I’m just a big chicken though.
    I have those moments too where the instant something happens I think,”Blogging this!”

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