Sunday Running Log #11

I believe I may be the only person to publically declare my love for Daylight Savings Time today.  While others may be groaning about waking up an hour earlier as their bodies haven’t adjusted to the time change yet, I am walking on sunshine and thrilled to be running with sunrises again.


Saturday night, I happily set my clock an hour behind.  Like a child at Christmas, I anticipated a magical moment the next morning and as to not disappoint, my running partners and I were greeted by a beautiful sunrise early Sunday morning.  Even a rainbow stretched across the sky as we ran and I knew our run would be magically delicious.


For this week’s Sunday, I faced 13 miles and the half-way mark to my final goal.  I accomplished my run in a decent time (2:29:36).  Since last week, I really pushed myself and felt exhausted after my run, I tried to keep my pace at 10-10:30 this week.  Plus, I ate well the day before, ate an hour before my run, walked when necessary and rehydrated at each rest.


During this week’s long Sunday run, I encountered an unfortunate situation when someone pinched my water bottle.  During my runs, I strategically place my water bottles around the neighborhood while I run because I hate running with water bottles.  I don’t like holding water bottles while I run and unfortunately, I do not own a water fanny pack.  Instead, I prefer to leave my water bottles next to random stop signs so when I return from a 2 mile stretch, I can reward myself with a water break.  If my running partner wasn’t with me, I think I would have thought that I losing my mind because this thirsty thief eco-friendly neighbor also pinched Tiffany’s bottle, too.


Next weekend, I will be camping with friends.  Our camping menu often consists of mass quantities of beer and s’mores, which is not the best running food.  Thankfully, this week’s long run is a stepback week and only a 10 mile run.  Since I lack the willpower to refrain from binge drinking or eating less s’mores, I will attempt damage control on Sunday by eating healthy foods and arranging to run in the evening.


  1. Lori says:

    I thought I was losing my mind too. I ran all the way back to my section thinking that was where I left my water and could not find them. Did they get both of your bottles? Hopefully they recycled mine.LOL

  2. morethananelectrician says:

    I have stashed a water bottle a couple of times, but never had it lifted. I am not to image conscious, but I refuse to wear one of those belts with the bottles…that is where I draw the line.

    I know it would be better than dying, but I cannot cave.

    BTW…excellent time.

  3. denisermt says:

    @ Lori- Nope, just 1 of of them.

    @MTAE- I’m pretty vain and those water fanny packs just look so dorky. Thanks for the kudos about my time. 🙂

    @ Air- I am really looking forward to beer by a big a$$ fire.

  4. becelisa says:

    after someone lifted the entire cooler my running group stashed, i broke down and started wearing a belt. they do look rediculous but better that than passing out from dehydration … i think.

    thanks for the comment about my leg. i’m still not able to run. i really pulled a number on it. but better now than closer to disney. sounds like your training is going great! are you going to do the brandon half?

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