Sunday Running Log #12

My training had quite a set back this week due to the funk I caught.  Terrible aches all over caused me to spend most of the week lying on the couch.  It hurt just thinking about standing, so running was out of the question.


Saturday, my legs felt as if I ran marathon.  Can you get sore from sitting around doing nothing?  I tried some yoga to help stretch out the soreness and to ready my muscles for a long run the next day.  The yoga definitely helped with the soreness. 


Then, a cold snap hit on Saturday night.  With my body not fully recovered from the funk combined with the cooler weather, I overslept on Sunday morning and only ran 6 miles.


The roads were unusual quiet for Sunday morning.  I didn’t spot another runner and there was no church traffic or sleeping it off tailgating traffic.  I suppose a lot of people overslept.  Cold snaps have a tendency to cause everyone to start hibernating.


This week, I plan to get back on track with my training.  Today, I will do some yoga with my BFF Sharon Mann.  Tuesday, I will 3 miles.  I will run 7 mile on Wednesday and 4 miles on Thursday.  On Sunday, I will attempt my longest run yet: 15 miles. 


I heard my running partner, Tiffany, didn’t make it to 15 miles this week either.  Hopefully, next Sunday we will both be back on track.


  1. Tiffany says:

    Yes, it is all too true. I was not able to get to 15 miles either this week. I made it a mere two-thirds of the way to 10 miles. I was too worried about injuring myself with my seriously old running shoes that I could not run all the way as Hal would have wanted.

    On the brighter side, it did inspire me to finally get my butt to the running store with my two-year old in tow. I did not realize how bad of shape my old shoes were in until I put on a new pair. So, Denise, I will be ready to do that 15 (or maybe even 16!) miles with you on Sunday–and with a new spring in my step!

    Happy Trails!

  2. Staci A says:

    You make me want to go out and run. Not that I could make it past one mile these days. I used to be able to do 10 to 15, but that was a good five years ago! I wouldn’t be able to walk if I tried that now.

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