I Love You…Infiniti!

I have a new love and I’ve tossed my old love like a pair of worn out shoes.  


My new love gives me the support that I need.  


This new love of mine causes me to become hot and sweaty, but doesn’t make me weak in the knees.


My new love gives me exactly what I want and can go the distance.


I love my new running shoes.


After my Sunday run, I felt a familiar pain in my knees.  I rested for 2 days and swore to myself that I would only run if I bought a new pair of shoes.  Since I had reached 300 miles in my second pair of Kensei, it was time for a new pair of shoes.


Yesterday, I loaded my two pairs of old running shoes and children (DD#1 home from school yesterday with strep throat) into the Black Pearl and headed to The Running Center, because momma needed a new pair of shoes.  


While the gentleman inspected my gait and two pairs of shoes, I told him that I wasn’t completely happy with the performance of my newer shoes compared to my first pair of Kensei.  There was some weird rubbing going on inside the shoes and the shoes felt narrower, which I suspect have something to do with the new asymmetrical lacing. 


After listening to my complaints concerns (price included), he recommended the Asics Kayano and the Brooks Infiniti, which were both in the same price range.  To me, the Kayano had a lot of the same support and cushion as the Kensei, but the side of the shoe hit me in a weird spot on my ankle, which is what my second pair of Kensei did.  Then, I tried the Brooks and the shoes fit like a glove.  I was sold!


The Infiniti are very similar to my first pair of Asics Kensei 2.  When Asics changed the laces on the Kensei to an asymmetrical lacing system, I swear it changed the fit of the shoe.  The Brooks Infiniti may not have all the high-tech, gel-cushion of the Asics Kensei, but it certainly feels like it does.


Today, I ran 4 miles in my new Brooks Infiniti and LOVE them!   I feel bad that I dumped my Asics for my new love, but I guess since we hit a sore spot in our relationship, it was time for me to move on.


Brooks Infiniti, you complete me.




  1. morethananelectrician says:

    I think you need a new hobby!

    I have been struggling with shoes for a year. I used to run in Asics years and years ago, but I haven’t had much luck now. I think the “gait” checkers at my store must be looking at my butt and not my feet…we haven’t gotten it right yet!

  2. lindsay says:

    haha your writing style is too funny! glad you found a new pair of shoes that work well for you. i hate when you have to keep going back and trying other pairs… even if my local store lets me keep exchanging them until i find something that works. i hope your new relationship is everything you’ve dreamed of! 😉

  3. Alyson says:

    found your blog via 5 mins.4 mom interview.
    I too am a SAHM to 3, and a runner. Although I find myself busy these days with cows and chickens.
    I have been experiencing knee pain for a while and could not think of giving up my asics…but you just may have convinced me to try some brooks. sigh.

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