Say it Forward: Carnival of Loyal Commenters

Five Minutes for Mom kicked off a Carnival of Loyal Commenters last Friday.  The gist of this “Say it Forward Program” is to spotlight readers who faithfully leave comments.  


Once I learned there would be no clowns at this carnival, I decided to join in the fun, although I was a little disappointed to learn that there would be no cotton candy.   


Let’s face it.  Comments are the validation and the instant gratification that all bloggers desire.  We put our posts out here in the big ol’ blogosphere in the hopes that someone will read them.   When an occasional reader happens to leave a comment, this big ol’ blogosphere seems just a tiny bit smaller.  And voila!  Loyal readers and friendships are formed.


To show my gratitude and appreciation for my most loyal commenters, each Friday I will spotlight one of my faithful followers.  This week, I am showing my love for Lindsay of Chasing the Kenyans, of course.


Recently, Lindsay awarded me with the “Your Blog is Fabulous” award.  Now, you may think I am simply sucking up to her, but Lindsay reads Run DMT regularly as we share the same passion for running.  She reads almost every post, even the boring mommy blogger stuff and usually leaves a comment.  Although she trains harder than me and runs much faster than me, she is consistently super supportive for my marathon training.


Not to mention, she willing posed for this picture when we met at the Disney Marathon.




So, thank you, Lindsay for being such a loyal commenter and my new BFF. 


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  1. lindsay says:

    well if you were sucking up it would’ve had to be BEFORE i decided you were fabulous, unless of course you’re planning ahead for whatever bloggy awards come along next. 😉

    i do enjoy reading your blogs, even the non-running ones about the crazy, silly things your kids/family do. i wish i had as many exciting or entertaining things to talk about, but let’s be real, all i do is run (i’m boring). 🙂

    thanks for the shoutout/recognition. i’m sorry there isn’t any cotton candy. personally i’d be disappointed about the lack of funnel cakes.

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